Securus Technologies Points Out Theft In The Corrections Telecommunications Industry

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC) accused Global Tel Link (GTL), a firm offering inmate communication solutions, of overcharging inmates and their families for telephone calls. Securus Technologies, a private company in the same industry, is issuing press releases to emphasize GTL’s theft. Securus hopes to shame GTL into acting with integrity in the future. According to a PR Newswire report, the PCS found that GTL engaged in multiple acts of overcharging for calls, including artificially inflating charges for the sole purpose of increasing the company’s revenue. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, admits that Louisiana’s PCS held their investigation years ago, however, Smith claims that GTL is a tainted company and time does not excuse their actions.
Securus America Technologies recently announced that they have received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the company received an A+ rating. Acting with honor and transparency is important to Securus; the company knows that they owe a responsibility to the 1,200,000 inmates that they serve across North America.

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CrunchBase lists a number of acquisitions that increase the scope of services Securus can offer to its customers. When Securus acquired Guarded Exchange, the company’s 17th acquisition in 32 months, they gained over 70 of Guarded Exchange’s proprietary technologies. Headquartered in Dallas, Securus currently serves 3,450 corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies.

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The Midas Legacy Sets Itself Apart From The Competition

The Midas Legacy team has the expertise and knowledge working in the financial industry markets, and they use this experience to help guide others to achieve their goals. The company is run by Sean Bower, Jim Samson, and Mark Edwards and works to supply online courses and publications as well as many other programs designed to help others get their finances under control. Becoming financially independent is a goal for most people, and many of them have the necessary motivation to achieve it. But often times they do not know how to get started and do not have the tools needed. The Midas Legacy is here to help people achieve their personal goals and dreams.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can use the business blueprints from The Midas Legacy to build the needed foundation for making money and starting up their own company. The Midas offers premium memberships and the Midas Code, which supplies customers with the knowledge and tools necessary to learn the proper way of starting up a business and the secrets to making profit. Don’t be mislead however, The Midas Legacy is not about getting rich quick or some guarantee to be a millionaire over night. They solely work by guiding people in the right direction to be successful.

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Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy has extensive information on planning out funds for retirement offered to their members, with plenty of information on making good investments and cutting overall costs to reach retirement quicker. Most people think that retirement is always in the future and they don’t need to worry about it until later, but that’s not the case. Members at The Midas Legacy and set up their own retirement plans that fit their personal needs, instead of taking some company based benefits plan that may not be what’s best.

It’s all too easy to get stuck focusing on work or the negative things happening in life, and people who do this know the kind of stress it can bring on. The Midas Legacy helps its members with information on techniques for overcoming the stresses of life and putting their minds at ease so they can be more focused. To go even further, The Midas Legacy even provides information on good diets for its members.

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Skout CFO Portia Kersten


It takes a special skill set to be successful as an executive in the fast paced and ever changing world of internet based social networks. Portia Kersten, Chief Financial Officer of Skout knows this first hand. She joined Skout’s executive team in April 2011. At that time the internet based social network site had been operating for just four years. The highly successful San Francisco, Ca. based firm is now the world’s largest network for people to meet. Skout is not a dating site, but it focuses on facilitating serendipitous meetings. Skout is proud of the more than five-hundred million connections made between its ten million members.
The Skout app is easy to use, fast and safe. A department devoted to app security operates twenty four hours a day, and oversees users in one hundred and eighty countries speaking fourteen different languages. The app uses Global Positioning Software to help members find other members in the general area. It doesn’t give out the exact location; it provides a platform for people with similar likes and tastes to meet.
In an interview with journalist, Laura Dunn, Kersten shares that she has spent over ten years assisting small high- growth companies raise capital, maximize growth and achieve success. Kersten believes her childhood imagination and role models such as Charles Dickens and Margaret Thatcher were instrumental in starting her on the road to success. She attributes her strength to push through tough challenges to mentoring she received from Robin Wolaner, the founder of Parenting Magazine.
Kersten relies on efficiency and focusing on high priority tasks to balance her professional and personal life. Kersten gladly gives back some of the wisdom she has benefited from early in her career. She is pleased to have opportunities to serve as a mentor and role model to younger women. Kersten encourages those starting out to “embrace versatility…question the status quo and don’t let others define you.”
She cites the Skout Philippines community, as an example. One of this Skout community’s members encountered a medical emergency, the Skout community came together to offer help and support. Kersten hopes that Skout will keep bringing people together and giving them a positive experience.
With Portia Kersten helping to lead, Skout will continue to grow and flourish allowing Kersten to see her hope come to fruition.







Is Wen by Chaz Cinderella’s Cleansing Conditioner?

WEN by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner not a shampoo. The rich, non foaming formula does not contain sulfites that can strip hair’s natural moisture. The product has a loyal Hollywood following among those with coarse, unruly or exceptionally dry manes. But will Wen by Chaz heavily moisturizing formula weigh down fine hair?

Emily McClure from is determined to find out. In her article I Used Cleansing Cleansing Conditioner On My Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened, the salon professional tests Wen by Chaz for an entire week and documents her results.

Like magic, she found her hair to be extra shiny, bouncy and thick after just one use. Her only concern was the amount of product that she needed to use. Wen advises 10X the amount of normal shampoo or a minimum of 24 pumps for long hair. Since the sephora hair care kit replaces five products, including shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner and weekly treatments, Wen by Chaz might still free up some space on the shower shelf.

However, just like Cinderella’s dress for the ball, she found that all the hair magic had disappeared the next morning. She was left with greasy flat hair. Yet the devoted reviewer kept trying Wen by Chaz for the entire week. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Her conclusion is that Wen by Chaz transformed her fine hair into soft and beautiful locks for about 12 hours. After that it was flatter and greasier than if she had cleansed with a traditional shampoo. Wen is available online on Total Beauty‘s website.

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