Global Tel Link Shady Business Practices Revealed to the Public

It is a stark fact of life here in the U.S., and not one that everyone wants to know about, but there are a lot of people serving time in prisons. It is easy for some people to write off inmates, and forget that they still have lives outside of the bars and walls of the prison they are in. These people have family members, friends and other folks that they absolutely need to stay in touch with. I knew a little bit about the systems that exist to allow inmates to communicate with their contacts outside of prison, but was very upset to find out that some providers of these services may be ripping off inmates and their family/friends.

One prominent provider of inmate telecommunications services is a company called Global Tel Link (GTL). I found some troubling information about GTL via a recent press release from Securus Technologies. According to this press release – and a series of press releases that Securus Technologies plans on publishing in the near future – GTL has been up to some business practices that have resulted in inmates and their family/friends getting bilked for quite a bit of money.

In the article I recently checked out, it appears that Securus Technologies has quite a bit of information about the shady business practices that GTL has been using for some time now. He also expresses disappointment in how GTL has shown a lack of integrity. The upcoming series of additional press releases will likely outline some of the most serious charges leveled against GTL.

Like me, many people have heard about companies overcharging their customers accidentally. That does not appear to be the case, according to information published by Securus Technologies. In the article I checked out, it is alleged that not only did GTL overcharge customers, but that they did so on purpose and with the only end goal being the intention to overcharge for their services.

It’s not a good thing to find out a major provider of inmate telecommunications services is duping their customers, but I was happy to find the press release from Securus Technologies that helps to expose some serious wrongdoings to the general public.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Ecommerce Entrepaneur Don Ressler Expands Fabletics to Physical Stores

It’s safe to say that most adults want to look their best and wear fashionable clothing. JustFab offers us a chance to have a personal shopper custom select clothing online at a reasonable price. This was something that was inaccessible to the majority of us in the recent past. Many of us want to look awesome and feel comfortable while we exercise and Fabletics is there for us with trendy, affordable athletic and casual wear. If we look great, we want the same for our children also, FabKids fills that need. Let’s also not forget our feet, which ShoeDazzle caters to. A person may wonder what the connection between these fashion-forward online retailers. The name is Don Ressler.

Don Ressler began his career by creating the website Fitness Heaven, which was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001. After this success, he partnered with Adam Goldenberg, and together they founded Intelligent Beauty. Since then, they have went on to co-found and purchase multiple online retailers and even expanded their impressive portfolio of online subscription fashion services and are building physical brick-and-mortar store for Fabletics, which was also co-founded by athletic actress and model, Kate Hudson and accounts for 30 percent of their overall sales.

Don Ressler has stated that he and his wife, Ginger, were college athletes who have always taken an interest in fitness and Ressler has based many of his businesses on filling a need for trendy apparel and casual fitness clothing that can pull off the crossover between work and fitness. His experience with e-commerce has really helped the company to grow quickly and they are planning expanding from on online subscription service to up to 100 physical stores where customers will be able to purchase the products in person and provide feedback of the products.

Ressler’s companies are continue to flourish and seem to have really been able to fill a need for the modern person who wants fashion, convenience, and affordability. With Fabletics stores being built around the country, it will be interesting to watch the transition from strictly online to physical location and see what this will do to further improve customer needs.

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Slyce Into Product Recognition

Image recognition is an up an coming technology that is the next generation of product searching. This technology has been available in the google image search for years, and has been advancing in ways we never imagined. Image recognition can be used as a lock screen on cell phones and detect fingerprints and unlock computers. There are many applications for image recognition and it is now breaking into everyday commerce as well.

Slyce is a company that utilizes this technology to meet the growing needs of businesses everywhere. Slyce features a Universal Scanner that allows the user to snap a picture of or scan the object and immediately compare the it to results online. In addition to QR codes, bar codes, and coupons, this technology has the ability to work with real world images.

Imagine a world where the consumer can identify products in the real world around them with the push of a button. Now take it a step further and imagine that the consumer is able to access that product online and purchase it instantly. The in-camera search enables you to receive instant results without having to switch between the application and a mobile search engine.

Results of the search are received in varying amounts of time depending on the type of image captured. QR codes, bar codes, and 2D images, such as a billboard or magazine are received in 1-5 seconds. Real world 3D images are received within 5-15 seconds. The results are matched 1:1 with bar codes, QR codes, and 2D images. 3D images will match to the most similar item in your catalog.

Slyce visual search can give a business the opportunity to capitalize on existing product advertisement and even product sales. By allowing the mobile device to be the POS anytime and anyplace, Slyce is an invaluable asset to any business.

Mark Sparks’ Spark Tank: A Financial Gift for Social Entrepreneurs

“Spark Tank” is sparking up a lot of attention for the expert venture capitalist Marc Sparks from Dallas, Texas. This new endeavor is another humanitarian effort by Sparks aimed at improving society. Social entrepreneurs are encouraged to pitch their ideas and lobby for funding much like what happens on the reality series “Shark Tank.”

Marc Sparks believes that these social entrepreneurs should have their innovative ideas for successful “social” businesses heard and funded. According to him, these innovators have the entrepreneurial gifts to create strategies and programs that will solve serious and prevailing social issues.

Social entrepreneurs are deemed as heroes, but there aren’t many programs and services available to provide them with the financial help they need to grow their businesses. So, Marc Sparks created the Spark Tank as a solution to this problem. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

In the Spark Tank, non-profit entrepreneurs are given twenty minutes to present their innovative businesses, plans and ideas to a panel of ten judges headed by Sparks himself. The non-profit that gets the most votes from the panel is awarded a $5000 grant to help bring their venture to life of support their growing business. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

The Spark Tank organization was created by Sparks in 2016 with the help of Lynn Sipora, his partner in a homeless shelter known as The Samaritan Inn. Together, they transformed a home in Collin County, TX into this shelter that services 200 people per day.

The success of the shelter prompted many social entrepreneurs to want to participate in Spark Tank. The first round of the program touted applications from fourteen local Texas non-profit organizations.

The three finalists were Metro Dreams, Dog Matters, and House of Eli. Out of the three presenters, one winner was chosen: Dog Matters, which is an organization that provides foster care to the pets of owners who have entered addiction treatment programs.

Beyond the April final, there will be two more rounds of Spark Tank in the year 2016 before the winners of each round go head-to-head. They will compete for a grand prize at the end of the year.

Sparks is known for believing that individuals can become successful themselves, which fuels his drive for social change. It also fuels his drive for not only donating money, but also donating his time to work in his own shelter and even help build homes through Habitat for Humanity.

According to Marc Sparks his mission in forgoing any humanitarian effort is to “give back,” and creating the Spark Tank only adds to that mission while giving others the chance to “give back” as well.