Ecommerce Entrepaneur Don Ressler Expands Fabletics to Physical Stores

It’s safe to say that most adults want to look their best and wear fashionable clothing. JustFab offers us a chance to have a personal shopper custom select clothing online at a reasonable price. This was something that was inaccessible to the majority of us in the recent past. Many of us want to look awesome and feel comfortable while we exercise and Fabletics is there for us with trendy, affordable athletic and casual wear. If we look great, we want the same for our children also, FabKids fills that need. Let’s also not forget our feet, which ShoeDazzle caters to. A person may wonder what the connection between these fashion-forward online retailers. The name is Don Ressler.

Don Ressler began his career by creating the website Fitness Heaven, which was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001. After this success, he partnered with Adam Goldenberg, and together they founded Intelligent Beauty. Since then, they have went on to co-found and purchase multiple online retailers and even expanded their impressive portfolio of online subscription fashion services and are building physical brick-and-mortar store for Fabletics, which was also co-founded by athletic actress and model, Kate Hudson and accounts for 30 percent of their overall sales.

Don Ressler has stated that he and his wife, Ginger, were college athletes who have always taken an interest in fitness and Ressler has based many of his businesses on filling a need for trendy apparel and casual fitness clothing that can pull off the crossover between work and fitness. His experience with e-commerce has really helped the company to grow quickly and they are planning expanding from on online subscription service to up to 100 physical stores where customers will be able to purchase the products in person and provide feedback of the products.

Ressler’s companies are continue to flourish and seem to have really been able to fill a need for the modern person who wants fashion, convenience, and affordability. With Fabletics stores being built around the country, it will be interesting to watch the transition from strictly online to physical location and see what this will do to further improve customer needs.

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  1. Most people want to exercise during their lunch hour in order to squeeze in a workout in what little time they have, so when the idea came up to partner with Hudson and create, it made sense for Don Ressler. It has to be way of doing things to this to these ones.

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