The Wonderful World of Wengie

When it comes to beauty tips and lifestyles, most people now turn to YouTube to get advice from experts all over the world. One of the more well known YouTubers is Wengie. I have personally followed her for a while now, and to say that her advice has helped me would be an understatement. Thanks to Wengie, I know how to better take care of my hair and skin, plus the new healthy diet she suggested is paying off as well. In one of her recent videos, Wengie tackles hair hacks, which are essenially ways to better manage your hair and even care for the products!

You can find “10 Hair Hack That Every Girl Should Know!” at . In this particular video, we witness Wengie tackle some of the most common issues that ladies have with their hair. The tips included show us simple things like how to clean out your brush, which, let’s be honest, none of us do that as often as we should. She shows a simple method of pulling the hairs out, then scrubbing the base of the brush to get all of the old grease and oils out. If you simply put baby powder in your hair and let it stay overnight, it will absorb all of the oils and you can simply blow dry it right out of your hair in the morning without having to wash it! I would have to say that my favorite out of all ten is the time conscious curling hack for ladies in a hurry. Just tie your hair up in a high ponytail, and section it out depending on how curly or loosely wavy you want your hair to look. The less sections you make, the looser the curls are, but the more sections you make, the curlier it looks. It’s such a time saver and really helps me when I’m still trying to look good on my way to work in the mornings after a long night up with the new baby.

Since I don’t want to spoil the whole video for you, you should go check out the rest of her amazing tricks and tips!

Bruce Levenson Cofounder of United Communications Group (UCG)

Bruce Levenson was recently in headline news when the sale of his professional basketball team the Atlanta Hawks was finalized. The team had been up for sale for several months now and was partly due to the asking price. It was set at $1 billion and at the time seemed like a very realistic number. had estimated the value of the team at $425 million in January but seeing the sale of the Clippers and Bucks this changed the market scenery completely.
Bruce Levenson who aquired the team in 2004 was the teams governor and part of the NBA Board of Governors. He came about his wealth through the founding of the United Communications Group, a company centered around the distribution of business information and analysis. part of this data is also the Oil Price Information Service. This business is privately held by Levenson and his long time friend and partner Ed Peskowitz. They started the company together in a basement wit their first published article about the newest developments in the oil industry back in 1977. They then moved on to buying several other newsletters and started their own database.

Another innovative technology launched by the United Communications Group is the Gas Buddy application. This application allows users to search for the lowest gas prices within their current area via the mobile phone or any other hand held device. Thanks to their available database of oil prices they are able to link into the selling price of gasoline throughout the country and provide users with the necessary analysis to make choices.


Create a memorable dining experience at Brian Bonar’s Restaurant

Bellamy’s restaurant offers California a modern cuisine facilities with a real inspiration from the French. The dining served here is always filled with a robust flavor for every new season.

Bellamy prides itself on offering an excellent service accompanied by good food.

For a simple dinner or lunch, you will have a choice of a menu that draws its inspiration from the French and Belgian tradition. You will find a variety of dishes here that ranges from Crab Salad, Whitebait to absolute classics like Steak Tartare and Fruits. Staple foods such as Salad of Artichoke Heart, Haricots Verts, Smoked Eel Mousse, Rillettes of Duck, Sliced Entrecôte and Fillets of Dover Sole are always a favorite.

What follows is a lovely selection of desserts which ranges from the famous soft ice creams, Île Flottante and of course Marina’s Chocolate Cake.

You will also find the wine list exclusively French, it forms a strong representation of Bordeaux and comes with the best prices.

Bellamy’s restaurant is fit for any occasion of your choice. The top-notch cuisine and impeccable service will indeed create the most memorable day for you and your guests. It has an in-home catering system that offers an executive dining experience.

One cannot fail to mention the award winning and specialties prepared by the Master Chefs in the entire San Diego region. Dishes here have a high influence with the years of extensive training in kitchens all over the world.

The chief chef Patrick Ponsanty brings his 31 years of experience as the main Chef at the Bellamy’s Restaurant. Since he became a Master French Chef here, he has received several ‘Top 10’ awards. Patrick has lived to his name as a humble chef that wants to offer great food, experience, and service that is second to none.

About Brian Bonar

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar can be described in three simple words, effective, empathetic and bold. His passion lies in creating leading teams that perform highly in different practices. He has developed and delivered collaborative solutions. His work every day is to build a client trust through every opportunity he gets.

Throughout his career, Brian has developed a strong reputation as someone who is actually inspired to achieve goals and aspirations of the people around him and the people he leads.

Most of his success is attributed to the early development of business skills. Brian Bonar has a solid portfolio in several disciples. His diverse experiences have seen him blend skills to create great projects and great teams.

Inmates At Louisiana State Prison To Get Free Calls Courtesy Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company. The company’s has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It was founded in 1986. The firm is one of the largest providers of detainee communications, government information, management solutions, and parolee tracking. It serves more than 2600 facilities in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Securus Technologies recently announced that they would offer free calls to inmates incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison. Their reason was prompted by recent floods that had affected the area. The plan includes each prisoner getting one free phone call per day from September 7th.

Securus Technologies announced their partnership with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) on September 1, 2016. The move by Securus Technology may be viewed as very humane in that they have kept the interest of the inmates at heart. Richard A. “Rick” Smith, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Securus Technologies, said that connecting inmates with their family was among the key responsibilities of the company. He continued by saying that the task was more vital because of the recent floods that had hit the Louisiana area. The flooding was very severe, and that is why he felt that the inmates needed to maintain communication with their loved ones to reduce anxiety and stress. Watch this video on Youtube.

It is estimated that the prisoners will make more than 250000 free calls that will cost Securus Technologies almost $300000. In addition to the free calls, Securus Technologies will give out contributions of $50000 to the inmate welfare fund at the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

IAP Worldwide: A Private Military and Security Company that Offers many Great Services

Ingenuity and Purpose is the full name for IAP Worldwide which is a private military firm and security company that delivers. This organization has been around for many years and they are experts in their chosen field. IAP Worldwide provides outstanding service for clients who need to utilize their experience, resources and talents.

What exactly does IAP Worldwide do?

IAP Worldwide provides a wide variety of services for clients. These services primarily include unarmed and armed guarding and security training for staff. Sometimes IAP will perform risk analysis for governments or military organizations. IAP can even be used for transporting prisoners or financial assets.

IAP Worldwide provides service for governments and humanitarian organizations. IAP Worldwide provides service that is beneficial to government and humanitarian organizations.

Some governments do not have experienced personnel that they can send into hostile areas as a forward operating force. IAP contractors can be used for this purpose. They can also be used to escort refugees or to safeguard military installations for various agencies.

IAP Worldwide personnel can even deliver relief services to people who have been impacted by a natural disaster. Flood relief, emergency evacuations and escorting dignitaries are all services that can be provided by IAP.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

Does IAP charge a reasonable fee for their services?

IAP Worldwide services are reasonably and competitively priced. Clients that utilize their services will find that they are accommodating and very practical for their needs. Each type of service that IAP Worldwide charges are priced accordingly and clients should be satisfied with their fees.

Did you know that IAP can provide energy to different areas of the world?

Clients should also be aware of the fact that IAP is able to deliver energy to parts of the world where it is needed. This company has enough resources and ingenuity (just like their name says) to power an area about the size of a small town. They can set up and maintain a temporary power plant that can energize a particular area for months.

IAP Worldwide can even protect computer systems.

IAP can set up and breakdown mobile computing stations and networks within a short amount of time. Their systems will be flexible, speedy and secure. IAP Worldwide can implement and protect computer networks where this service is needed the most. You find out more about IAP from their website.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:,_Inc./Salary

Sick Of Manhattan Offices For Rent? Thrivein a Coworking Space with Workville

For people living in New York City and looking for a shared office space, Workville NYC is the ideal choice. Workville is located at 1412 Broadway, which is just some few minutes away from Bryant Park and Time Square. The Workville coworking space is easy to access. At the area, you will find other friendly, versatile office workers there. Space features shared office spaces with open desks, which are ready for renting. There are lounge areas, three wrapped around terraces and view to the sunshine to keep you rejuvenated.

Workville NYC is a partnership firm that began in 2016. They have a broad range of clients including startup companies, small business owners. The venture has become very successful for the owners over time. The Workville shared office space has private offices, which can hold between two to six coworkers. They also feature a dedicated workspace, which people can rent on a monthly basis. Workville’s coworking spaces can also be rented on an hourly or daily basis. Noticeably, clients are expressing positive feedback regarding renting a coworking space from Workville.

A majority of people who utilize Workville attribute their motivation and inspiration from the uniqueness of the environment. Others feel the need to continue working and cannot stay away. People love the great sunlight, which graces the shared offices during the day and enjoy the inspiring view of the sun setting in the evening. The owners of the facility designed the coworking spaces to provide excellent feeling to enable the occupants to bring out their creativity efficiently. Workville NYC is entirely operational for twenty-four hours on a daily basis. Workville coworking office spaces feature a phone booth, kitchen, conference room and a steady flow of coffee. All the desks at Workville are equipped with Wi-Fi and Ethernet outlets for clients.

Noticeably, workers who work from shared office spaces tend to be more productive that those in conventional offices. They attributed their productivity to the lack of in-house competition and as such, they are at ease while performing their tasks. They additionally enjoy working with other people with different interests and skills.
Individuals who work from shared office spaces feel they have more control on how they carry out their operations. For instance, if a worker decides to leave early, they can freely do so, without any repercussions. Of late, coworking spaces have mushroomed, and more and more people continue to embrace them.