The Wonderful World of Wengie

When it comes to beauty tips and lifestyles, most people now turn to YouTube to get advice from experts all over the world. One of the more well known YouTubers is Wengie. I have personally followed her for a while now, and to say that her advice has helped me would be an understatement. Thanks to Wengie, I know how to better take care of my hair and skin, plus the new healthy diet she suggested is paying off as well. In one of her recent videos, Wengie tackles hair hacks, which are essenially ways to better manage your hair and even care for the products!

You can find “10 Hair Hack That Every Girl Should Know!” at . In this particular video, we witness Wengie tackle some of the most common issues that ladies have with their hair. The tips included show us simple things like how to clean out your brush, which, let’s be honest, none of us do that as often as we should. She shows a simple method of pulling the hairs out, then scrubbing the base of the brush to get all of the old grease and oils out. If you simply put baby powder in your hair and let it stay overnight, it will absorb all of the oils and you can simply blow dry it right out of your hair in the morning without having to wash it! I would have to say that my favorite out of all ten is the time conscious curling hack for ladies in a hurry. Just tie your hair up in a high ponytail, and section it out depending on how curly or loosely wavy you want your hair to look. The less sections you make, the looser the curls are, but the more sections you make, the curlier it looks. It’s such a time saver and really helps me when I’m still trying to look good on my way to work in the mornings after a long night up with the new baby.

Since I don’t want to spoil the whole video for you, you should go check out the rest of her amazing tricks and tips!

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