Bank Philanthropy| Helping Dallas Residents Access Affordable Homes

For years now, Dallas neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area habitat for Humanity have been doing great work at providing a means for low-income families in Texas to own homes. September this year saw the two organizations announce that they would be extending this service to the residents of Southern Dallas, with only specific zip codes to benefit. The special program will be running for five years, where every year there will be at least 100 beneficiaries.

NexBank, the area’s leading regional bank will also be partnering with them. NexBank will be channeling $ 5o million to the program. With this money, the bank hopes that there will be more money, going to mortgages, to be advanced to Dallas’ residents. Also, the bank will be covering the closing fee for each loan. On this, NexBank has pledged $ 2,000 for each close.

Matt Siekielski, NexBank’s senior vice president of mortgage operations, speaking about this partnership, said that they were happy to be working with these two organizations.

Likewise, Mark Tribuna, the vice president of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, said that they were more than glad to be partnering with NexBank in the program. He acknowledged the bank, saying that they were playing a major role in helping residents of Dallas live their dreams of owning homes.

About NexBank
NexBank is a leading regional bank, owning more than 3.5 billion in assets, based in Dallas. It was founded about 94 years ago, opening a line offering financial services throughout USA. The bank offers commercial, mortgage and investment banking within its service profile.

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  1. He noted that he admired them for the continuing good work of endearing to provide low-income families of Dallas with affordable homes. He also stated that with the program they hope to improve the quality of life for the beneficiaries. This has to be the only way for writing service to get things done.

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