How Evolution of Smooth Took Over The Lip Care Market

When it comes to (oral) lip care products, Blistex and Chapstick had a firm grip over the competition. These brands have dominated the market for decades with little to no competition and the only other brand to jump in the mix with productive results was Burt’s Bees. Unfortunately Burt’s Bees took over the market from the dominant due, but has been under pressure by newcomer Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of Smooth is a newbie in-a-sense, but it’s making a huge impact with sales. As of 2016, EOS lip balm is the second best selling brand in the world at 1 million units per week. The brand focuses it’s attention to female customers even though the market is unisex. With this targeted marketing, (EOS) has designed a lip balm product line that appeals to women. Vibrant colors and fruity flavors are the name of the game and nobody else does it better. With the lip care market looking to increase in the nest few years, Evolution of Smooth is projected to be at 2 billion in sales by the year 2020.

Why Is The brand So appealing?

The appeal of the Racked sold products is that is has a distinct look, has organic ingredients, and tons of fun flavors such as Coconut Milk, Vanilla Bean, Cherry, Blackberry Nectar, Strawberry Sorbet, Lemon Twist, Lemon Drop, and Sweet Mint. There are no side effects unlike other brands that tend to dry out the lips, and the product is gluten free. The popularity of the lip balm has exploded after high profiles Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera were spotted on Pinterest pages applying the product while out in public. Evolution of Smooth has even been featured in editorial, on the cover of beauty magazines, and is a partial sponsor of singer Demi Lovado’s world tour.

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