Success is Sweetgreen

The success of a popular college eatery named Sweetgreen spans over the better part of a decade. The persons responsible for the work product and service are Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru. The start continued running of this business is result of hands-on application of higher education in action. However it is also a bond made from the love of food, a wanting to create something, and a wanting to solve a problem. The business operation comes from the collaboration of individuals whose history shows no real prior experience of managing the day-to-day duties of an organization.


According to the founders and owners of the business, the lack of experience is cornerstone to the innovative growth of Sweetgreen. It takes a new point of view for an everyday challenge to make a good plan come to live. To do that these entrepreneurs bring a fresh set of eyes to every problem. One of these problems being the brick and mortar location of the business where it all begins. Another problem is the limited resources needed to start the ball rolling. The answer to both presents itself as focusing on bringing a supply of quality products with sustainability.


The winning way of thinking comes after seeking the advise of professional already in the industry and also by the institution of Georgetown. The concept of reverse engineering comes into play as community has an influence over the company brand. As the business grows so does the entrepreneurship program on campus and the two complement each other nicely. But still there is room to grow for Sweetgreen.


Values and commitment to community really drive the business, as is seen in programs that seek educate young people in Virginia, New York, Maryland and DC are provided by Sweetgreen. It has an influence on more than over 20,000 young people in its history and the number is still growing. The idea behind such program is to get people feeling good about eating right at a young age. From big ideas like that projects like “Sweetlife” take life in the form of an annual music festival.


Good business and good times are the results of service from the business Sweetgreen. And the business itself is the brainchild of five core values. These values are “win,win,win”, “think sustainably”, “keep it real”, “add the sweet touch”, and “make an impact”.


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