Nathaniel Ru

Earlier today,I had the opportunity to read an online article that profiles the wildly popular salad chain named Sweetgreen. The article mentions how there are now 40 Sweetgreen’s locations, and how there are long lines of hungry customers at each location.


It is mentioned in this article that Sweetgreen is financially backed by an assortment of famous personalities, including Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer. It is also pointed out that the salad chain offers a winning combination of foods that are fresh, healthy, local, and organic.


Much of Sweetgreen’s success comes from customers ordering food through its mobile app or website. According to one of the co-CEO’s of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, technology has been a big part of the company’s approach from the start.


Nathaniel Ru’s business philosophy is refreshingly different from that of the average CEO. Mr. Ru is quite knowledgeable concerning the entire farm-to-table concept, and takes the job of feeding other people very seriously. He states that Sweetgreen is trying to provide a better quality of food to more people, while creating a company that truly serves a purpose.


The three co-founders of Sweetgreen opened their first eatery in the summer of 2007. Having recently graduated from college, the partners wanted to create a restaurant that offered healthy and tasty foods.


Along with other Sweetgreen staff members, Mr. Ru leaves the office behind several times each year, to actually go to work in some of the company’s restaurants. With no main headquarters for the salad chain, he and his partners are operating the company bicoastally.


Interestingly, Nathaniel Ru met his business partners while the three were attending an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. Like Mr. Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman have parents who are first-generation immigrants that have owned their own businesses.


An important point that Nathaniel Ru makes in the article is that you can’t do everything yourself. He relates how he and his partners used to do all of the corporate work themselves, because it can be difficult to let go of the work and let somebody else do it. One of the things that he says he has learned is that it’s important to build a team around you.


A Multi-State Campaign Is Under Way To Inform The Public Of Video Chat Features

A recent PRN News article highlighted the multi-state campaign designed to inform the public of a new Securus Technologies feature that will save their customers money and valuable time. Securus is on the forefront of inmate calling as one of the largest growing inmate providers in the industry. They’re proudly serving the community by actively processing millions of calls each year. Over 160,000+ customers are currently using Securus Technologies on a daily basis. Securus is a name that thousands of people nationwide know and trust. You invited to become a Securus Technologies customer by simply visiting their website for more details.

Securus will save thousands of customers the cost of commuting to a facility by simply teaming up with Vimeo and making video chat calling features available. Commuting to a inmate facility is a thing of the past with the option of being able to visit your loved ones on the internet over a high definition video. You have complete control over the video by simply pressing an online button to adjust the video or sound. If you’re on an inmate’s visiting list, you can securely visit them over the internet using your pc or smartphone.

Features Available Through Securus

Inmate Voicemail

You can leave your loved ones a message by accessing their private account. This feature is available to inmate’s as a personalized phone feature that allows them the freedom and independence of retrieving their own messages.

Advanced Pay

Inmates and their families can pay for many calling features including prepaid talk credits by using a valid credit or debit card over the internet. You never have to worry about locating an authorized agent in a rural area.

You’re invited to visit the easy to read and navigate Securus official website for more details today.

Some Things You Should Know About OSI Group

If you’re like anyone else you’ve probably enjoyed some fast food recently. Whether it was a burger or a pizza you have your favorite treat. Although we often give credit to McDonald’s and Pizza Hut few people consider the companies working behind the scenes to make all of this happen.

The beef in your cheeseburger and the cheese on your pizza probably came from the meat processor OSI Group. Founded in the early 20th century by a German immigrant what originally started as a small family business has exploded into an internationally recognized powerhouse. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong OSI has it’s hands in everything.

A Never Ending Supply Of Meat

Essentially, OSI Group serves a meat supplier for a variety of fast food companies operating around the world. Originally they only provided meat to McDonald’s but over the years they have expanded their clientele to include countless customers. They provide beef, chicken, pork, and other products needed to keep franchises afloat. Frozen vegetables and dough are also among these options available. The variety of products sold has allowed the company to thrive and continue to expand.

The Many Acquisitions Of OSI

Recently OSI Group acquired Baho Foods. This Dutch company specializes in the production of deli meats and snacks for both retail and food service clients. Adding them to OSI Europe will allow OSI to further expand its abilities in the European market. Although OSI Group is an American company its ability to stand on its own in foreign markets makes it an exceptional player in the meat market. Wherever American fast food chains go so will OSI Group and when there is a need they will not hesitate to snatch up the companies needed to make sure things run smoothly.

Why OSI Group Is One Of America’s Greatest Companies

When Otto Kolschowsky opened his meat deli in the suburbs of Chicago he was simply trying to make a living in his new homeland. He would’ve never expected that his sons would turn that meat deli into a corporation work hundreds of millions with influence across the globe. OSI Group’s history is the history of America. An immigrant opened up a business, his sons turned it into a corporation, and now the world eats from the hands of OSI Group. It is America in a nutshell.

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Lawsuit Involving AHBE

Bruce Leveson and the former ownership of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, have filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The present owner, Tony Ressler, is not involved in the lawsuit. The former owner of the NBA franchise is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company for a violation of their contract concerning the settlements of claims made by the former general manager Danny Ferry. On September 13th, the lawsuit was filed against the insurance company at the Superior Court of Fulton County. The charges are known to be AIG, which is a civil action for breach of contract and insurance bad faith. On April 2nd, AHBE contacted AIG that claims have been alleged by Ferry that it knew were covered. AHBE claims “it was insured under a policy for coverage for certain losses related to employment practices, including, but not limited to, certain acts of “Wrongful Termination”’ and “Workplace Torts.””AIG does not agree with the claim that was made or the policy. In an article ion, former owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Enterainment LLC is also the Co-Founder and Partner at United Communications Group (UGC). He founded this company in 1977 with his partner Ed Peskowitz. With a Bachelors in Arts from Washington University and J.D. from American University, Levenson, is involved in many philanthropic endeavors including being the President of the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Read more about his community works on

Cotemar Leverages its Professional Expertise and State-of-the-art Technology to Deliver Exceptional Services

Cotemar has served in the oil industry for over 36 years. It facilitates development and expansion of offshore fields by delivering specialized vessels. Its strategic business units range from the marine operation and maintenance, air transportation, food and lodging, and maintenance & engineering. Cotemar has cemented a leading position in the offshore oil sector by facilitating hydrocarbons production.


In 1979, Cotemar S.A officially opened its doors as a firm that offers services in two unique lines: Campeche Bay-based specialized vessels and accommodation & catering. In line with its foundational mission of strengthening its position in the global market, in 1981, the company added sophisticated vessels to facilitate transportation of people and materials. In 1985, it acquired its first rig, serving as its first accommodation center with high-quality services. In 1988, Cotemar proceeded with its growth mission by buying additional specialized vessels to boost its specialized personal transportation. It increased its presences in the market by offering transportation services, construction, catering & accommodation, and facility management.

Cotemar strengthened its fleet of vessels in 1996, enhancing the quality of transportation of services. In 2002, it acquired Hibernia, a highly specialized vessel. Cotemar played an instrumental role in the construction of two semi-submersible rigs in Cosco. It added several specialized cranes and vessels for the transportation of solid and liquid materials. In 2013, it began the process of constructing Atlantis. The firm increased its competitive advantage by venturing into the onshore upstream sector in 2015. Over the years, Cotemar and its subsidiaries have secured high profile and competitive contracts. For instance, Servicios a la Industria Petrolea, a subsection of Cotemar, won the Cuichapa Poniente area contract. The firm won the contract due to its active participation in the third phase of Round 1 tender directed by the Comision Nacional de Hidrocarburos


Cotemar progressively develops and adopts new technologies as a strategy for upgrading the Mexican Oil Industry Development.

• Construction, development, maintenance, and engineering: Cotemar uses its semi-submersible rigs, which can shift from one complex to the next one, to streamline the construction process. Mobile connection equipment that can capture field information is used to carry out control operations.

• Accommodation and Catering: They range from nourishment, bedding services, sanitization of common areas, and laundry services. Accommodation cabins are designed to accommodate two or four people. They contain recreational areas, a basketball court, gyms, TV rooms, and cinemas.

• Maritime support vessels: Cotemar’s vessels contain advanced positioning system that offers groundbreaking offshore maintenance. These satellite-linked and computer operated vessels, allow technicians to carry out inspection and rehabilitation procedures.


Markus Rothkranz Reveals Why Focusing on the Little Things Matter

HEAL YOUR FACE by Markus Rothkranz plastic surgery alternatives

Markus Rothkranz believes that in order to have an abundant life; one that is fulfilling and gives meaningful purpose, people need to focus on less, rather than more. Marcus has made it his core mission to help people achieve having a successful and healthy life. It does not come as any surprise that he would want to empower people to understand a significant and important principle for abundance.

When it comes to the little things in life, Marcus says that “no one is going to give you 2 dollars, when you cannot appreciate having 1 dollar.” He believes this simple concept of gratitude is key, and the imperative first step for creating freedom in life. That understanding the little things is actually what will bring you better opportunities for bigger and more meaningful success in life. Marcus says that understanding this vital step is what will put people in a much better position for being happier and more fulfilled. He wholeheartedly believes in people creating a life of abundance through determining what really matters.

Corn Chowder Recipe : Warm Raw Vegan Gourmet Delight

Marcus tells his large audiences and many followers, that by learning the concept of valuing the little things that come our way in life, we send a clear message to the universe that we have appreciation for them, which in turn allows for more abundance. His message is powerful and precise for helping people create the lives they want to live for themselves, and their families. Marcus says that even when having difficulties, people need to find appreciation in their circumstances, because that is what brings about change to those circumstances, for the better.

From the silence in the room, to the tone of someone’s voice, people can appreciate the value in whatever they’re experiencing at that moment. Marcus purposely identifies that people also need to let go of the negativity within their lives, and focus on the things that bring them joy. He says that it’s those little things that add up to the big things and that is where we can experience more satisfying lives. Marcus believes there is good in all circumstances in life and that richness comes to those who identify how the little things have contributed to their lives.

Cara’s Amazing Raw Vegan Tabouli Recipe

Marcus Rothkranz has written several books on many topics, from healing to eating right, but it is his core message of having the right tools to sustain a better life that always stems from having the right attitude in life. He encourages and motivates people to have a better mindset, in order to be able to achieve their life’s dream. He believes in people being prosperous and being enthusiastic about their lives.

Within all of his messages, Marcus provides hope and triumph for those wanting to live a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. His vibrant can-do messages always make people want to improve and rise above any challenges they face.

Marcus perfects the message of having true value in recognizing just how important the little things matter the most.

Markus Rothkranz: The Power of Raw Foods (1/2)

Eric Lefkofsky Helping to Improve Health Care

Eric Lefkofsky was born in 1969 In Detroit, Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan he went on to attend law school. After graduation he and a college friend started an apparel company called Brandon Apparel. This company was the beginning of Eric’s career in the business sector.

In the late 90’s Eric co-founded a company called Starbelly, which was a company that offered promotional products. In 2000 Starbelly was sold to Halo. Eric later moved on and in 2001 he co-founded another company called Innerworkings, which was involved in providing companies with procurement services.

The entrepreneurial businessman went on to help start several more companies throughout the years, including Media Ocean, and Echo. He eventually created one that would financially put him on the map as one of the most successful businessman of his kind. Eric co-founded a company called, which later changed its name to Groupon. Due to the company’s impressive growth Eric Lefkofsky became financially at the top of his career. He went on to create another company called Uptake, and still remains the Chairman of Groupon.

Even though the successful businessman could have easily retired at a young age at this point in his life he went on to start another business called Tempus, in which he is currently the CEO. Tempus could possibly be the best and most meaningful business Eric as created to date. Tempus is a technology company that allows physicians the data needed to understand their cancer patient’s needs and to deliver real time care.

Tempus is a company that is involved in genomic sequencing services and provides therapeutic data to the medical staff that is caring for cancer patients. It is a company that has a lot of potential to change the way physicians make decisions about their patient’s care. Hospitals have teamed up with Tempus to help improve the life of cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky believes in giving back and sharing his good fortunes. That is one of the reasons why Lefkofsky Foundation was created. The foundation is all about helping children in their time of need.

The businessman also spends some of his time as adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He teaches all he knows about business and following what you believe in. He has been known to provide lectures throughout the country when requested. He is also an author of Accelerated Disruption, a book about business and technology.

The former carpet salesman started out with an average life never expecting to achieve the accomplishments he has achieved. It took hard work and determination to make his dreams come true. Eric Lefkofsky has proven to be a businessman that others pay attention to and learn from in their own businesses. He is a man that knows hard work and believing in your business is what it takes.