Some Things You Should Know About OSI Group

If you’re like anyone else you’ve probably enjoyed some fast food recently. Whether it was a burger or a pizza you have your favorite treat. Although we often give credit to McDonald’s and Pizza Hut few people consider the companies working behind the scenes to make all of this happen.

The beef in your cheeseburger and the cheese on your pizza probably came from the meat processor OSI Group. Founded in the early 20th century by a German immigrant what originally started as a small family business has exploded into an internationally recognized powerhouse. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong OSI has it’s hands in everything.

A Never Ending Supply Of Meat

Essentially, OSI Group serves a meat supplier for a variety of fast food companies operating around the world. Originally they only provided meat to McDonald’s but over the years they have expanded their clientele to include countless customers. They provide beef, chicken, pork, and other products needed to keep franchises afloat. Frozen vegetables and dough are also among these options available. The variety of products sold has allowed the company to thrive and continue to expand.

The Many Acquisitions Of OSI

Recently OSI Group acquired Baho Foods. This Dutch company specializes in the production of deli meats and snacks for both retail and food service clients. Adding them to OSI Europe will allow OSI to further expand its abilities in the European market. Although OSI Group is an American company its ability to stand on its own in foreign markets makes it an exceptional player in the meat market. Wherever American fast food chains go so will OSI Group and when there is a need they will not hesitate to snatch up the companies needed to make sure things run smoothly.

Why OSI Group Is One Of America’s Greatest Companies

When Otto Kolschowsky opened his meat deli in the suburbs of Chicago he was simply trying to make a living in his new homeland. He would’ve never expected that his sons would turn that meat deli into a corporation work hundreds of millions with influence across the globe. OSI Group’s history is the history of America. An immigrant opened up a business, his sons turned it into a corporation, and now the world eats from the hands of OSI Group. It is America in a nutshell.

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