A Multi-State Campaign Is Under Way To Inform The Public Of Video Chat Features

A recent PRN News article highlighted the multi-state campaign designed to inform the public of a new Securus Technologies feature that will save their customers money and valuable time. Securus is on the forefront of inmate calling as one of the largest growing inmate providers in the industry. They’re proudly serving the community by actively processing millions of calls each year. Over 160,000+ customers are currently using Securus Technologies on a daily basis. Securus is a name that thousands of people nationwide know and trust. You invited to become a Securus Technologies customer by simply visiting their website for more details.

Securus will save thousands of customers the cost of commuting to a facility by simply teaming up with Vimeo and making video chat calling features available. Commuting to a inmate facility is a thing of the past with the option of being able to visit your loved ones on the internet over a high definition video. You have complete control over the video by simply pressing an online button to adjust the video or sound. If you’re on an inmate’s visiting list, you can securely visit them over the internet using your pc or smartphone.

Features Available Through Securus

Inmate Voicemail

You can leave your loved ones a message by accessing their private account. This feature is available to inmate’s as a personalized phone feature that allows them the freedom and independence of retrieving their own messages.

Advanced Pay

Inmates and their families can pay for many calling features including prepaid talk credits by using a valid credit or debit card over the internet. You never have to worry about locating an authorized agent in a rural area.

You’re invited to visit the easy to read and navigate Securus official website for more details today.

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