Nathaniel Ru

Earlier today,I had the opportunity to read an online article that profiles the wildly popular salad chain named Sweetgreen. The article mentions how there are now 40 Sweetgreen’s locations, and how there are long lines of hungry customers at each location.


It is mentioned in this article that Sweetgreen is financially backed by an assortment of famous personalities, including Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer. It is also pointed out that the salad chain offers a winning combination of foods that are fresh, healthy, local, and organic.


Much of Sweetgreen’s success comes from customers ordering food through its mobile app or website. According to one of the co-CEO’s of Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru, technology has been a big part of the company’s approach from the start.


Nathaniel Ru’s business philosophy is refreshingly different from that of the average CEO. Mr. Ru is quite knowledgeable concerning the entire farm-to-table concept, and takes the job of feeding other people very seriously. He states that Sweetgreen is trying to provide a better quality of food to more people, while creating a company that truly serves a purpose.


The three co-founders of Sweetgreen opened their first eatery in the summer of 2007. Having recently graduated from college, the partners wanted to create a restaurant that offered healthy and tasty foods.


Along with other Sweetgreen staff members, Mr. Ru leaves the office behind several times each year, to actually go to work in some of the company’s restaurants. With no main headquarters for the salad chain, he and his partners are operating the company bicoastally.


Interestingly, Nathaniel Ru met his business partners while the three were attending an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. Like Mr. Ru, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman have parents who are first-generation immigrants that have owned their own businesses.


An important point that Nathaniel Ru makes in the article is that you can’t do everything yourself. He relates how he and his partners used to do all of the corporate work themselves, because it can be difficult to let go of the work and let somebody else do it. One of the things that he says he has learned is that it’s important to build a team around you.


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