The Secret behind the Success of Sweetgreen

Like any other person gearing to finish college, Nathaniel Ru was in a dilemma about what he would do with his life. This dilemma saw him join forces with other two senior students to establish Sweetgreen. Initially, this idea came to life when these three gentlemen could not find a place to eat healthy food in Georgetown University. Starting up was not easy as they had to deal with many obstacles along the way. For instance, they could not get hold of the landlady of the building they were planning to use. The landlady had a prior history with these boys and hung up their call when they called her the first time. She refused to pick their calls thereafter but gave up when the boys could not stop calling her.


She agreed to meet with these founders after a month, and they wore suits to these meeting. Nathaniel Ru jokes that this is the first and the last time he ever wore a suit. During this meeting, the three co-founders had a small business plan and a small budget at the back. Upon listening to their ideas, she saw that they had the potential and agreed to rent them the building. She further advised them to look for an architect and also to prepare a good business plan as the one they had was very shallow. After three and a half weeks, they returned to the landlady with the new business plan, an architect and investors in their pocket.


As of today, Sweetgreen has over 1700 employees in the United States of America. Among this employees is Theresa Dold who also happens to be the head of digital marketing. She is also a graduate of Georgetown University. Theresa says that Sweetgreen wants to be more than a place where people get to buy food. She says that the company has a deeper purpose and even likens Sweetgreen with Steve Job’s Apple. She continues to say that Sweetgreen has come to realize that people do not buy what you do but instead buy the way you do it. This is the secret behind Apple. Theresa believes that even if Apple sold bicycles, it would still be successful like it is today.


Sweetgreen has built a reputation for offering healthy and fresh products. They also have a reputation of offering local products. For this reason, they work in conjunction with local farmers. Sweetgreen has maintained an open Kitchen where customers get to see how their food is being prepared. Nathaniel Ru says that there are plans to expand the restaurants to as many cities as possible in the Unites States.

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