Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists- Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been contributing in the world of politics in the United States something that has been raising attention as well as critics, but our political contributions cannot be compared to the charity funds we have been providing. As a couple we have been contributing a lot to non-profit organizations across the world which has added up to $139 million.

Betsy is the United States Education Secretary, a position which raised questions among the United States citizens about my qualification, experience, and contribution in the education sector. Recently the Michigan couple increased our contribution to charity. The funding will be made through our foundation. During the vetting process, I said that in 2015 alone the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation made a contribution of about $11.6 million to charity and for the last five years the Foundation contributed about $5.3 million to political campaigns.

The DeVos families have a high profile and are major contributors in the Republican politics. The spirit of giving did not begin with Dick and his wife Betsy, but it a family character. Dick’s father Rich DeVos; the co-founder of Amway is also a giver. In 2015 Rich together with his children contribute $104 million to charity positioning the family among the top American donors according to Forbes. According to data provided by Forbes, the DeVos family contribution is about $1.33 billion. Betsy is the daughter of the late Edgar Prince a family which is also known for its both political and charitable giving.

Our philanthropic activities show that education is essential. In 2015 $3 million of our contribution was towards education and $357000went to the organizations that supported education reforms in the country. Dick said “our giving and spending is a reflection of how we value education”.

Dick DeVos is the son of Rich DeVos who is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is an organization which contributes its products and services to various sectors including health, personal care, and household through dealers. I began his career at Amway serving in various departments. Through his hard work and devotion, I was promoted in 1984.I was appointed the Vice President of Amway, a company that at the time was operating in 18 countries. The position gave him a unique opportunity to gain more experience in the world of business.

In 1989, i left the company to venture into business. I established Windquest Group, an organization which is involved in the development and promotion of storage organizers. The DeVos family acquired the National Basket Association’s an Orlando Basketball Franchise, and I was appointed by my father to manage the sports company while still managing my firm, Windquest Group. Two years later I became the President of Amway Corporation. I am married to Betsy and I am blessed with four children.


Local News Report Talks About Online Reputation Management for Everyday People

St. Louis TV channel Fox2 recently a news report on online reputation management for small business owners and individuals who are concerned about their digital fingerprint. According to the report, social networks have completely changed the way we relate with one another. Unfortunately, search engines make no warranty about the truthfulness of what is posted or published online. As one expert, Brand.com executive Michael Zammuto, puts it, Google and other search engines are just “conduits” for locating information.

One hotel manager interviewed said that the problem is that people are more likely to believe negative comments online rather than a business’s own press, so it’s extremely important to act when negative comments appear online in order to minimize the damage. However, Zammuto argued that this is of limited help since once something is online, it’s there for good. A better approach is to be proactive and produce your own positive content to control your online image.

Although there are companies that can produce online content for this purpose, the report suggests that anyone can take steps in this direction by sorting through their social media profiles and eliminating anything embarrassing or problematic. Zammuto argues that by getting your social media in check while you’re still in control of the situation, you’ll save money and time since you’re effectively preventing future reputation issues.

The major takeaway from this broadcast is to get ahead of the problem by carefully monitoring what is in your social media profiles and taking action before a problem comes up. People who are in the midst of a job search or applying to a degree program should also consider creating content in order to boost their online reputation.


An In-Depth Look at Sujit Choudhry Unprecedented Expertise in Comparative Law

Comparative law is a field of law that describes and analyzes the differences and similarities between laws of different nations. To many individuals, this area of law expertise is not widespread. However, with the increase in globalization and democratization, comparative law has gained grounds. The comparative law also studies existing laws such as Hindu law, Chinese law, Jewish law, socialist law and common law. Investors, multinational companies, and international trade experts require comparative law expert to analyze the expectations of trading in a foreign nation. Moreover, the United Nations and other international humanitarian organization need comparative law knowledge before intervening in foreign countries’ crises.  Source: tech.com


Sujit Choudhry Work History


Sujit Choudhry is an internationally recognized authority on comparative constitutional development and comparative constitutional law. He is the Ira Michael Heyman professor of law and former dean at Berkeley law. Before joining Berkeley, Sujit was a law professor at the New York University School of Law. He also served as Scholl chair at the faculty of law at the University of Toronto. Sujit holds law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. Owing to his academic excellence and professionalism, Sujit was one of the four Canadians to receive the prestigious Trudeau Fellowship in 2010. This award is the Canadian equivalent of MacArthur awards. Read more on sujitchoudhry.com


Sujit Choudhry is also the founder and director of Center for Constitutional Transitions, which is the .world’s first university-based institution that generates and disseminates knowledge supporting constitutional building. Over his career, the experienced professor has achieved unprecedented achievements including participating in the constitutional building process of various nations such as Egypt, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Tunisia, Nepal, Libya, and South Africa. Sujit has dedicated most of his research in addressing basic methodological questions in comparative constitutional law.


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Choudhry has also held various positions in some of the most reputable institutions in the world. He worked with the World Bank as a consultant and also as worked in the office of the Canadian chief justice. Dean Choudhry has sat on various boards including the United Nations Mediation Roster, Governing Toronto Advisory Panel and Board of Directors of Legal Aid Ontario. Aside from his decorated law career, he is also an author and has written over 90 book pages, articles and working papers.


Reasons As to Why Kabbalah is Attracting The Interest of Non-Jewish Hollywood Stars

Despite the common notion that Kabbalah is meant for Jews, more non-Jews are joining the Jewish mysticism. One of the most famous Hollywood stars to join Kabbalah was Madonna. Her interest in the ancient Jewish tradition has seen her invest heavily in knowing about its teachings. The pop star has also been involved in the opening of more than one Kabbalah Centre. In addition, other notable personalities, including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, the late Elizabeth Taylor, and late Marilyn Monroe have all studied Kabbalah. Many people seek to know why non-Jewish celebrities are interested in the Jewish Kabbalah.

Sandra Bernhard asserted that by studying Kabbalah, 80 percent of the displeasure in her life ended. For Paris Hilton, joining Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles helped her to cop with her breakup with Nick Carter. These claims are in line with the information available on Kabbalah Centre’s website. According to the site, studying the ancient wisdom provides students with practical tools that can help them to have joy and a lasting fulfillment in their lives. This information was originally mentioned on Jerusalem Online.

Some Hollywood celebrities joined Kabbalah because the teachings would give them more than material things. For Sammy Davis, studying Kabbalah gave him the inner strength. He noted that studying Kabbalah has enabled the Jews to remain strong despite centuries of oppression. Sammy noted that as an African America, he experienced persecution and many obstacles. Through Kabbalah, he overcame the odds and focused on his career.

Madonna was intrigued by the quality of Kabbalah teachings. She points out that Kabbalah teaches that humans were put on earth to help others. This information has encouraged the pop star to help other people through donating her resources to various causes. She is also spreading the message of hope.

About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre International is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization. Over the years, this entity has been providing Kabbalistic and Zohar teachings through online platforms, study groups, regional centers, and city-based centers. In 1965, Rav Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwei founded the organization in the US. The center was reopened in 1984 in Los Angeles. Karen and Michael are the leaders of the institution. The two serve as directors and spiritual teachers at the Kabbalah Centre.



Guaranteed Ways to Make Super Profits with White Shark Media Inc.


White Shark Media is a search marketing organization specialized in Bing Ads management and Adwords services to relatively new and established businesses. For online clients, White Shark Media provides product listing advertisements in all managed plans including Google Analytics and conversion tracking on the Shopify platforms. They operate from the US and Denmark.


The company prefers using Shopify because of its vast experience with the platform; they refer most clients to Shopify. White Shark fully manages all AdWords promotions for their customers and continuous optimization to reach set goals each month.


White shark media understands SEO best practices, for online businesses selling practically everything, from diet plans to car parts, it can be difficult to get top rankings on Google and continually stay at the top. They have mastered what Google requires to remain relevant over a stretched period.


Their work is to make sure that your business shows up on the first pages of Google when online users search for a particular product or service that you sell. The competition is stiff, so staying on page one of any Google search ensures that your content is ever fresh and readily available. So, how does your content get to the top of search engine results pages and consistently stay there?


Use of Significant Key Words


Search engine optimization success is about variety, selling the same thing using different word techniques as many times as possible. SEO uses the same words to mean the same thing in several ways, so White Shark Media devices several ways to make your business relevant using creatively sought words without losing the “selling keyword.


They utilize Google’s Keyword Search Tool to come up with the proper phrase and keyword searches. They also use predictive business analytics to know how your online pages are engaged and how to develop better results.


Google content must be valid and unique, meaning you can say the same thing in a thousand different ways. An excellent SEO writer has creative means and extensive vocabulary to produce great content without losing its meaning, and that is what Shark Media is all about. Helping clients stay relevant, make money, and consistently beat their competitors on any advertising platform.


It takes talent, skill, and determination to grow through online advertising which is why experts like White Shark Media exist, to help midsized companies level out with market giants with their excellent products, services, and online marketing proficiency.

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Clay Siegall Has Advanced Treatment Plans For Cancer Patients.


Exploratory cancer therapy investigative facility Seattle Genetics is extremely well-liked at present. The President and CEO of the corporation is Clay Siegall. Clay is also the company co-founder, which was created in 1998. Dr. Siegall also sits as the chairman on the committee board. Ever since the start of his occupation as a biomedical investigator, Dr. Siegall has a far-reaching account of doing everything that is necessary to aid his clients who are suffering from cancer. His colleagues admit that they think Dr. Siegall is a conscientious and steadfast doctor, who has directed the corporation towards furthering advances in helping cancer sufferers, and the application of advanced treatments for cancer survivors.

Dr. Siegall’s pledge to study cancer treatments is known by many. Clay takes advantage of the most up to date, vastly developed methods, which are behind the formation of antibody-drug conjugates. In 2011, this development produced Seattle Genetics support from the FDA. As their company grew, they became able to assist cancer survivors globally.

In 2013, the College of Maryland granted Dr. Siegall the well-regarded Alumnus of the Year for Math and Natural Sciences. Seattle Genetics is the beneficiary of a $1.2 billion contribution, which was made possible by the labors of Dr. Siegall. This excess of profits was necessary to provide exceedingly superior techniques for assisting survivors of cancer, with the procurement of avant-garde technology.

The esteemed George Washington University approved Dr. Siegall for his Ph.D., in the area of Genetics. After this accomplishment, Dr. Siegall initiated his job as a Senior Researcher while at the Pharmaceutical Investigate Institute, owned by Bristol-Myers. He quickly garnered the honor of the Foremost Scientist from the dignified National Cancer Organization, and Clay was additionally honored with the role of Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow, also. These honored recognitions for his obligation drove his objective to give to the scientific society with his publishing of advanced treatments for cancer clients. Dr. Clay Siegall also carried to completion his yearning to create his own group, Seattle Genetics. That group’s stock appraisal has tripled in value inside a 5 year period.