Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists- Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been contributing in the world of politics in the United States something that has been raising attention as well as critics, but our political contributions cannot be compared to the charity funds we have been providing. As a couple we have been contributing a lot to non-profit organizations across the world which has added up to $139 million.

Betsy is the United States Education Secretary, a position which raised questions among the United States citizens about my qualification, experience, and contribution in the education sector. Recently the Michigan couple increased our contribution to charity. The funding will be made through our foundation. During the vetting process, I said that in 2015 alone the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation made a contribution of about $11.6 million to charity and for the last five years the Foundation contributed about $5.3 million to political campaigns.

The DeVos families have a high profile and are major contributors in the Republican politics. The spirit of giving did not begin with Dick and his wife Betsy, but it a family character. Dick’s father Rich DeVos; the co-founder of Amway is also a giver. In 2015 Rich together with his children contribute $104 million to charity positioning the family among the top American donors according to Forbes. According to data provided by Forbes, the DeVos family contribution is about $1.33 billion. Betsy is the daughter of the late Edgar Prince a family which is also known for its both political and charitable giving.

Our philanthropic activities show that education is essential. In 2015 $3 million of our contribution was towards education and $357000went to the organizations that supported education reforms in the country. Dick said “our giving and spending is a reflection of how we value education”.

Dick DeVos is the son of Rich DeVos who is the co-founder of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is an organization which contributes its products and services to various sectors including health, personal care, and household through dealers. I began his career at Amway serving in various departments. Through his hard work and devotion, I was promoted in 1984.I was appointed the Vice President of Amway, a company that at the time was operating in 18 countries. The position gave him a unique opportunity to gain more experience in the world of business.

In 1989, i left the company to venture into business. I established Windquest Group, an organization which is involved in the development and promotion of storage organizers. The DeVos family acquired the National Basket Association’s an Orlando Basketball Franchise, and I was appointed by my father to manage the sports company while still managing my firm, Windquest Group. Two years later I became the President of Amway Corporation. I am married to Betsy and I am blessed with four children.


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