Commentary On Investment Strategy By The CEO Of Capital Group

Tim Armour is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Group. Mr. Armour did a commentary on CNBC about Warren Buffett and his investment strategy. Tim Armour supports Warren’s idea to buy simple investments at lower costs for long-term purposes. Mr. Buffett wagered one million dollars towards a charity instead of investing in an index fund.

A foundation is bound to give better investment returns, and Warren advises Americans to prepare for retirement through investments. Mr. Buffett uses the bottom-up investment approach which has proven to be durable over the decades. Tim is of the view that investors to use the two filter methods while looking for hedge fund managers. The two filter methods are high manager ownership and subsidized costs which quickly identify good fund managers.


Tim Armour assumed the chairmanship title at Capital Group in July 2015. Capital Group is among the world’s leading investment fund firms. Previously, Mr. Armour held the Equity Investment Analyst title at the same company where he was in charge of service businesses and global communication. Tim has thirty-two years of experience in the investment sector all thanks to Capital Group. His career began as a participant in Capital’s Associates Program. Tim holds a bachelor’s of commerce degree in economics from the Middlebury College.

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