Omar Boraie: What Makes Boraie Development Unique?

Omar Boraie is a household name in New Brunswick. Not only is he a respected real estate developer but he is also a businessman and a philanthropist. Thanks to him, the New Brunswick area has transformed over the years and now attracts both residents and business owners from all over the state.

Omar Boraie started his career in real estate development many years ago. He was born in Egypt but he went to the United States with a vision to implement creative development plans. Armed with his vision, he decided to start his projects in New Brunswick.

When Omar started building projects in New Brunswick, he was hopeful that he would make a difference in the city’s real estate sector. However, most of the city’s residents were very skeptical and critical. This did not deter him from actualizing his dreams. Presently, New Brunswick is a vibrant hub of activity, with many residential units and office space.

In an article on NJ Biz, with his company, Boraie Development, LLC, Omar Boraie has managed to transform the life of many residents of New Brunswick and its neighborhoods. His development projects are not like those of others. Instead of focusing on luxurious living units that can only be afforded by the affluent in society, Boraie has chosen to come up with multi-use facilities which are accessible to all. He does not compromise on the quality of the buildings which the company sets up.

Some of Boraie’s notable works include The Aspire, a project which is set to change the lives of many. The One-Spring Street Condominium is also another project which Boraie completed in 2007. This project gave the city the much-needed office space and residential units. It also attracted small business owners to invest in the city and make it a better place.

With his company, Boraie has managed to inspire many. One of his sons, Sam Boraie, has also joined his father in his real estate development projects. He is the company’s vice president and also sits on various boards. Both Omar and Sam contribute to various charities to help the community.

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