King of the Money Market Fund: Bruce Bent II

As people we take pride in how hard we work over the years, and take pride in how hard we accomplish all we set out to do. It takes a lot of self control and patience to be able to save money like that. A great way to save and build up your life savings is through investing. A money market fund is a fund that is open ended that invests in short term debt securities. These funds can be just as safe as bank accounts. The people who need these funds are people like stock shareholders and CEO’S as well as cooperate companies.

Bruce Bent II is an icon in the financial industry. He grew up learning how the financial world works. In fact, his father was the founder of the first market fund was called the Reserve fund. The industry is now worth $3.0 trillion dollars and is the leading expert for all investors.

Bruce Bent II is still working in the field today. Bent II has a great career in the financial world. He has helped some many different financial corporations from banks to broke-dealers. He helps them find creative cash-related solutions.

Bent II went to Northeastern University for his education. There he earned his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. Currently he is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. He is been a huge asset to the financial community. He has followed in his father’s footsteps, but surely he has carved his own path.

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