Mike Baur’s Team at Swiss Start Up Factory

The ‘Swiss Start Up Factory‘ rolled out its services in 2014. The dream the company has is to start global companies which disrupt the status quo, t hat is the business models, the norms and the products. The main business at the Swiss Factory is to help start ups in their early stage with mentoring services. We also provide office space and coaching. Apart from these services we are also determined to provide financing and access to investor networks.


Other Services


Swiss Factory believes in the talent of the people in Switzerland. It is for this reason that the company has partnered with leading academic institutions to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs get a closer of good services.


Growth Accelerator Assistance


In this segment Swiss Factory assists matured startups attain their goals. Upon identifying the individual need of the business, we prepare a package that meets this need. Some of the services that are offered to these mature startups include: IT support, Accounting Network, Law and Taxes, branding fundraising and administrative support. Start ups in need to law and tax assistance get the very best from Wenger & Vielli. Those in need of Public relations help get a personalized marketing assistance and strategy. Start ups are also assisted in the area of fundraising.


Digital Strategy


‘Swiss Start up Factory’ appreciates that all companies need to adapt to the digitization wave. It is for this reason that Swiss Factory helps companies to identify potential and take advantage. Professionals at Swiss factory help start ups to come up with successful digital models, services and products. Swiss Factory helps analyze customer needs, assists in goal definition plus staffing. It also discusses solutions for startup digital issues.




Mike Baur is the man responsible for financing and fundraising. The other team mates at Swiss Factory include: Max Meister the co-founder and principle responsible for the accelerator process, Oliver Walzer is Swiss factory’s CIO and is also a co-founder. Jean Pierre Vuilleumier is the head of the company’s training programs. Chris Bargholz is the business analyst for the company.


Mike Baur


Baur has been in the banking industry for the past two decades. He is a Swiss national and the co-founder of ‘Swiss Startup Factory’. He stopped working in the banking sector and decided to start his own business. He became the ‘deputy managing director’ of CTI Invest after CTI and Swiss Factory became partners, in 2016. Baur’s early career was profiled by the ‘Wall Street Journal‘ in 2016.

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