Life Hacks for a Better School Year


Improve the way you work in school this year with some of the best hacks you can find. Check out this video for all fifty school hacks that you could be using to better your education and organize the way you work in style.


Starting with a brief overview of what Wengie goes over in her informative video, you will definitely find more than ways to make your school year more colorful. Learn how to better improve the way you work, including ways you can meet the required word count for your school essays without hitting your head against the keyboard, how to find important information online to add to said essays, and ways to find useful references for your essays with the help of a book’s glossary.


Wengie will go over how you can improve your writing and make writing more fun and comfortable! For example, you can use your computer’s voice speaking capability to read back your essays if you are getting tired of reading or if you need a way to double check spelling on your writings. This is extremely good news for those who learn better by hearing, rather than reading everything. Plenty of websites that are useful resources for everyday projects, such as difficult math problems, are also covered in these hacks.


On the more functional side of things, you can learn how to cut down the smell of your gym shoes and highlights ways to improve your own personal smell, as well as the importance of keeping an emergency kit of essentials in a specific bag.


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