Susan McGalla Is A Strong Woman At The Top Of Her Game

A June 2017 PhillyPurge article demonstrates the difficulties women face when attempting to break into traditionally male-dominated work environments even for the most highly-qualified female. It specifically points out that executive sponsorship and mentorship of motivated and qualified women within the corporate structure is one of the most effective ways to promote gender diversification of the corporate workforce. Such opportunities provide women an avenue to prove their mettle, highlight their strengths and ability to operate successfully within the corporate environment. Statistically speaking “gender-diverse companies outperform their counterparts at a rate of 15% which is due in part to their openness to multiple perspectives.” Therefore companies that allow the proverbial glass ceiling to remain intact virtually diminish the potentiality of greater success when they fail to promote well-qualified hard-working women to the upper echelons of the corporate structure.


Susan McGalla was able to break through that virtual barrier using steadfast determination and every bit of knowledge she gained during her educational career at the University of Mount Union (UMU) a private liberal arts college located in Alliance, Ohio. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Marketing from UMU in 1986 the rigors of which laid the groundwork for her many accomplishments in the business world over the last 31 years.


In 2015 Susan McGalla began working for The Pittsburgh Steelers LLC. where she remains as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. This is an admirable achievement for a woman of Susan McGalla’s caliber in such a male dominated industry. She is no stranger to performing well in a male dominated environment beginning with her familial background as the only female child with two brothers. Thanks to her hard-fought successes other women know they can shatter their glass ceilings too.


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