Join the fight to save Mother Earth

Mother earth is in danger and she needs the help of the populace to fight on her behalf. Avaaz is an organization that fights on the betterment of not only the planet earth but also on a variety of humanitarian issues and crisis. Avazz has shed their influence on this issue by reaching out to many American mayors and environmental organizations that are trying to end Trump’s campaign against the climate.

Climate change is an issue that we cannot afford to keep pushing to the side. Climate change is a very important issue and Trumps recent pull out at the Paris Climate Agreement has really shaken many people up. It is quite clear that with many of his future avenues or economics that he is willing to sacrifice the health of the planet for a brief moment of increasing the income of certain individuals.

Join the Avaaz petition and you can start to work with American Amyors and local environmental groups. Help to build a huge campaign that will help to eliminate the monstrous $1 trillion taxpayer subsidies big oil and coal companies and use that money for cleaner and more efficacious energy.

Planet earth is all we have and it is high time that we fight for her. For many people, they believe that climate change is just a myth, but those who do think this are either ignorant of the issue or they have been bought.

The great thing about the masses is that they can fight to change the world for the better. If you are someone who is extremely passionate about the environment and want to do something than visiting the Avaaz website.

We all can make a difference if we work together – and planet earth, our home planet, is worth it.

What Celebrities Reveal About Kabbalah

Its members, known by the signature red bracelets that they wear, Kabbalah practitioners include some of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities.

Demi Moore, Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton, Gwenyth Paltrow and of course, Madonna have all been drawn to mysterious practice, which traces its origin to the equally enigmatic Zohar.

Shielding themselves from the negative influence of the evil eye, the meaning of the stringy red bracelets, finding a higher purpose in helping others, getting practical scriptural wisdom that helps them deal with the problems that go with fame, celebrities turn to this ancient source of wisdom to bring peace and fulfillment to their lives.

Hollywood Kabbalah practitioners find themselves identifying as part of the larger Jewish community, with conversion to the religion not being infrequent.

While the Kabbalah is not solely for celebrities, because of the profound intellectual appeal of its non dogmatic esotericism, historically this is the group with whom the practice initially attracts a following.

For many celebrities, the Kabbalah can provide an introduction to the Jewish religion that drew their earlier predecessors: Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing. Elizabeth Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Monroe and Jim Croce.

The devotion to Kabbalah and Judaism often impacts not just the convert, but extends a broad range of their benefactors.

Following her conversion to the faith after studying Kabbalah, Elizabeth Taylor became highly involved in causes to support the nation of Israel that included fund raisers, the cancellation of trips and events that conflicted with her beliefs or that supported anti Jewish causes and an offer to exchange herself for the 103 Jewish nationals taken hostage from an Air France Jet by German and Palestinian terrorists in 1977 to learn more: click here.

Sammy Davis Jr.’s devotion to Judaism began during conversations with the hospital rabbi, when he was being treated for the fatal injuries he sustained during an automobile accident in 1954. Following his conversion he become a committed believer, refusing to work on the High Holy Day, Yom Kippur.

Of course, nowadays the media reports every time that Madonna is seen at a Kabbalah Centre, seeing spiritual guidance. The singer’s commitment to Kabbalah led to her opening several Centres to spread the word throughout the world.

About Kabbalah Centre

Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife Elizabeth began fulfilling their mission of spreading Kabbalah to Jews and non-Jews alike by opening their first Kabbalah Centre in Southern California, without funding in 1984. Since then, several Kabbalah Centres have opened around the globe, spreading the powerful teaching in the familiar building centers and through internet-based instruction.

Success Academy, a Network Focused on Excellence

Success Academy is a network of charter schools that is dedicated towards improving the education system. The organization operates from New York City, where it has established several schools. It has gained recognition for producing great results and beating other public schools in the region. Parents of students attending Success Academy schools have commended the management for its transparency. Under the leadership of Eva Moskowitz, the network has expanded to other locations in the state of New York.



Success Academy serves over 9,000 students attending their schools at different levels of studies. They have around 30 schools, which include elementary schools, middle schools as well as one high school. Through these institutions, the organization offers quality education. Its curriculum allows students to compete fairly with kids from other schools. Students of Success Academy schools do well in Science and Math. Statistics show that they outperform their districts whenever they sit for their examinations.



The high performance of the students is as a result of the methods used in these charter schools. Success Academy understands the power of great content. In addition to conventional methods, teachers of Success Academy ensure that students understand the concept behind everything they learn and do. This approach is great as it enables kids to know that there’s a reason behind everything. Success has built a curriculum that creates an excellent environment for children to learn English and sciences better. The charter-school chain has also provided its schools with enough resources to help students advance their knowledge.



Aside from the curriculum, Success Academy students get good grades because of the organization’s discipline policies. Success requires all kids to take up personal responsibilities. As part of the school’s strategy to nurture disciplined students, it has implemented a rule that requires all children to wear uniforms approved by the network. The teachers don’t accept any kind of misbehavior. Instead of using in-school suspension, the charter school network suspends students who don’t act accordingly. This is a great strategy to teach students that actions have consequences. Success Academy has reported few cases of suspension as the children understand the importance of focusing on their studies. The organization aims at producing model citizens.

Mike Baur’s Recipe for Business Success

Mike Baur with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer founded the company Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that mentors entrepreneurs and provides educational facilities for a specified period at the end of which the entrepreneur is expected to pitch his idea. Such a company is meant to encourage entrepreneurial pursuits by ensuring that young businessmen and women are supported in the early stages of their endeavors.


The company was founded in the year 2014 with the aim of providing the same service that public startup accelerators do but with an entrepreneurial slant. Mike Baur worked for a long time in the banking industry but always wanted to start his own business. He feels that provided with the same things he has access to today he would have started his business much earlier.


According to Mike Baur, the private banking industry suffers because of many managers and banking advisers are unwilling to embrace change and do not have a hands-on approach to business. This means that in the event of a crisis the bank cannot whether the storm. His success at Clariden Leu is because he was willing to make changes. It is unfortunate that these changes did not sit well with everyone.


Credit Suisse took over Clariden Leu in 2011, and the new situation did not sit well with Baur, and he left to start his own business. It was not easy, to begin with, but he had the support of both his wife and his mentor Jean-Claude Biver. Mike Baur testifies to the fact that he would have remained in banking had it not been for Clariden Leu’s acquisition. Today most of his time is devoted to the startup accelerator bit of his business. He is also involved in marketing his business to young entrepreneurs in colleges and universities.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur born in 1975. He attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern in 1997. He got his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Banking and Finance in 2002. He went on to the University of Rochester for his M.B.A and then on to the Universitat Bern to get his Executive Master of Business Administration degree in 2008.


Baur has worked in different firms including, UBS Wealth Management (1991-2008), Clariden Leu and Sallfort Privatbank AG. Apart from Swiss Startup Factory he also founded and owns Think Reloaded AG. Swiss Startup Factory has invested in more than 30 companies.


Osteo Relief Institute: Promoting Advanced and Efficacious OA Knee Treatments

Despite being the leading cause of disabilities in the United States and afflicting a staggering 50 million adult Americans, arthritis is one of the least known medical conditions globally. Arthritis is a group of diseases that primarily affects the joints and. One of the commonest type of arthritis is osteoarthritis; a joint disease manifested through the degenerative wasting away of joint cartilage. Like many forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis is common among the elderly and women. Additionally, it can be linked to family history, excessive weight and previous joint injury. It is marked by severe and sometimes, chronic joint pain as a result of the grinding of joint bones as the protective cartilage layers wastes away over time.

Alarmingly, the disease is incurable and worsens over time. Therefore, with the help of professionals such as those working at Osteo Relief Institute, patients can only self-manage the condition to avoid and prevent chronic pain, and joint stiffness and swelling. This can lead to eventual loss of joint function. Patients can daily routine marked by watching their weight, quitting smoking, gentle exercises, pacing and adjusting their positions frequently. Moreover, they are advised to avoid overusing one joint. With the help of qualified orthopedic specialists, they can also opt for medications, therapy and orthopedic surgery.


Organizational Profile


Osteo Relief Institute has modeled its operations around their clients. They view clients as family and therefore, the highly qualified and certified professionals endeavor to delivery high quality services that meet the unique needs of each client that walks through numerous clinics seeking for medical health for their joint condition. At the core of their customer-centric approach are the advanced state-of-the-art machines available throughout their clinics. Moreover, all the Osteo Relief Institute clinics have physicians and physical therapists who have been certified by the relevant boards. This ensures that all management and treatment options offered to the clients are as comprehensive as the diagnosis and screening processes.

To increase operational efficiency, Osteo Relief Institute has adopted a unique management approach that has seen all the clinics operated autonomously. This facilitates decision making which is crucial when it comes to treatment. It has practices in numerous states including Colorado, California, Arizona and Illinois among others. Using advanced technology, Osteo Relief Institute ensures that their patients avoid the option of surgery.

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The Illustrious Career Of Brian Bonar

Most people know Brian Bonar as a finance executive. But he is also a businessman besides being a family person. Currently, he is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies. Hence he has a very good understanding of digital imaging along with color management. The company is providing all these services to small as well as medium-sized enterprises.Brian Bonar is also involved in the Source One Group. It is a business acquisition. Even this firm is offering its services to small as well as medium companies. This is a firm that specializes in providing assistance in human resource along with payroll services.In addition, he is working as the chief executive officer along with the chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

This firm is specializing in providing aftermarket products besides employee benefits. Brian Bonar is helping his clients by offering them solutions to make their business more efficient as well as productive. He is able to provide such services as he is well-versed in business skills that include risk management insurance along with employee benefits. In addition, the company is offering several other business management services too. There is another company in which Brian Bonar is involved. This is called Smart-Tek Automated Services. Another is Allegiant Professional Business Service. He is the chief executive officer as well as chairman at both these institutions. All this is an indication of his success. This is because he has technical knowledge which he is able to combine with innovations.He has had a highly illustrious career. During this time, he has been the recipient of several awards. This includes the Who’s Who Executive of the Year award that is given by Cambridge. He won this in their Finance category.

The first time he had received this award in 2000 and then once again in 2010. This award is for those executives who have excelled in their field. The parameters on which these awards are based include leadership qualities, accomplishments along with academic achievements.Brian Bonar won this award due to his knowledge and experience in the finance field. His experience in finance sector spans across three decades.In addition to being a finance executive, he is an entrepreneur too. He has opened a hotel. It is located in San Diego. Now he will be expanding the area around this hotel to accommodate an amusement park. He has employed experienced Italian chefs in his restaurant.Brian Bonar is skilled in contract administration, besides procurement along with design development. His experience is in the field of a site as well as building design. He is known for his eye for detail. This is why he is widely appreciated by his clients. He is an inspiration to his fellow workmates.

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A Busy Roofing Season for Aloha Construction as it Introduces New Brand

The North Illinois area is going to be treated to Aloha Construction’s roofing services as a measure to combat the high winds and hails the area has experienced recently. The company hopes to launch its ‘interior restoration service’, dedicated to the promise of putting up quality homes in the area. From the time of its inception, the company has grown so much so that it is now serving South Wisconsin residents in Illinois. Originally based in Northern Illinois, it has received a warm reception and continues to offer services of top quality.

A Word from the CEO

The chief executive, David Farbaky, said that in 2013 they were proud of themselves for completing 7000 projects across the State of Illinois. A year later the company increased the projects to 20,000. This success was eclipsed by the 2015 success in the Southern Illinois area where the company opened an office. Soon the office had to contend with the enormous work load, almost the size of its Lake Zurich office, which followed.


Making people secure and proud of their homes is a commitment that Farbaky will kindle the more as he opens a new ‘Aloha Builds’ branch. The branch will be dedicated to interior restoration. It will therefore deal with remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms and basements. The branch will also attend to disasters and provide clean up services.

Aloha Construction

This is a ‘family-owned company‘ that provides services to the residents of Illinois and those of Southern Wiscosin. Aloha has successfully completed over 18,000 across the state in Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, and Lindenhurst. Other areas like Pekin, Mahomet, Libertyville and Vernon Hills have also benefitted from Aloha services.

Aloha provides services such as remodeling of attics, basements, bathrooms and kitchens. It offers countertop installation refinishing and repairs. Aloha also offers accessibility design and construction among other services.

Doing Business With Dr. Reddy

Getting the Most Out Of Your Professional Dental Care

Any time that you are looking to get the most out of your dental care, one of the soundest steps you can take is to reach out to a dental professional. There are numerous dental clinics that can serve you in this regard, to include MB2 Dental. He is a great professional that can serve you any time that you need professional help with your teeth. If you want to get the most out of this dental care, read on to learn more about MB2 Dental and some of the dental steps that they can take for you.

What is MB2 Dental?

This is a dental clinic that is able to provide you with any kind of work that you need. They have a number of practices all around and Dr. Reddy in particular practices out of the state of Texas. This dental practice is known for its level of professionalism and attention to serious service and detail. Doing business with Dr. Reddy will allow you to really enjoy every facet of professional care that he has to offer.

What service does MB2 Dental provide?

If you ever need any kind of dental work from this clinic, you are in luck. First of all, they can be the dental practice that you need to provide you with your annual checkups. During the annual checkups, Dr. Reddy and his staff will make sure that your teeth are clean and that any cavities are properly filled. You will also compile x-rays, so that he has accurate records, which will allow them to practice excellent dental measures for you year in and year out.Another great benefit of doing business with Dr. Reddy is that he handles any kind of dental procedure that you could think of. Whether you require a set of braces or a root canal, he is able to assist you with this dental work.

When you are ready to do business with Dr. Reddy’s dental clinic, it would behoove you to call up and schedule an appointment. Taking the time to schedule this will get you on the books, and at that time the receptionist can take your insurance information. You’ll be glad that you took this step, because Dr. Reddy is known to be one of the best dentists in the entire state of Texas and his practice follows suit every single day.

Getting Up Close And Personal With Paul Mampilly

Ideamensch recently published an interview they had with a business leader called Paul Mampilly. As usual, they asked the businessman about his career, everyday activities, creativity, habits as well as some of the most exciting trends. Paul’s answers reflected the image of an entrepreneur who is passionate about what he does.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited newsletters. He told Ideamensch that he worked on Wall Street during the earlier years of his career. However, he felt that the Wall Street wasn’t doing enough to help people. This prompted him to start publishing newsletters. When asked about his typical day, Mr. Mampilly said that the first thing he does every morning is to go through news covering the global financial market. Paul focuses on the stock-related news because that’s what he published on his newsletters. During the rest of the day, he keeps track of the stocks using a portfolio tracker.

Ideamensch was curious to know how this businessman brings his ideas to life. Mampilly credited his success to extensive research. With the help of his team, Paul conducts thorough research on stocks for an average of 35 hours per stock. These efforts enable him to find a winning stock that his readers will like. Mampilly also revealed a couple of trends that excite him.

He’s fascinated by the millennial trend as well as the Internet of Things (IoT). According to him, the IoT will have a significant influence in several industries, including the food, banking, energy and automotive sectors. Paul Mampilly explained that he likes millennials because he believes that they’ll take over the economy of the United States in future.

Paul Mampilly’s profile

Mr. Paul Mampilly has worked in the financial sector for more than two decades. He has accumulated a lot of asset knowledge over the course of his career. His skills and knowledge in the area of finance have enabled him to help Americans make money.

Together with his team, Paul has controlled joint assets worth approximately 23 billion dollars. He is a contributor to the Sovereign Investor Daily. Aside from publishing newsletters, he’s worked with several financial institutions.