The Illustrious Career Of Brian Bonar

Most people know Brian Bonar as a finance executive. But he is also a businessman besides being a family person. Currently, he is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies. Hence he has a very good understanding of digital imaging along with color management. The company is providing all these services to small as well as medium-sized enterprises.Brian Bonar is also involved in the Source One Group. It is a business acquisition. Even this firm is offering its services to small as well as medium companies. This is a firm that specializes in providing assistance in human resource along with payroll services.In addition, he is working as the chief executive officer along with the chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

This firm is specializing in providing aftermarket products besides employee benefits. Brian Bonar is helping his clients by offering them solutions to make their business more efficient as well as productive. He is able to provide such services as he is well-versed in business skills that include risk management insurance along with employee benefits. In addition, the company is offering several other business management services too. There is another company in which Brian Bonar is involved. This is called Smart-Tek Automated Services. Another is Allegiant Professional Business Service. He is the chief executive officer as well as chairman at both these institutions. All this is an indication of his success. This is because he has technical knowledge which he is able to combine with innovations.He has had a highly illustrious career. During this time, he has been the recipient of several awards. This includes the Who’s Who Executive of the Year award that is given by Cambridge. He won this in their Finance category.

The first time he had received this award in 2000 and then once again in 2010. This award is for those executives who have excelled in their field. The parameters on which these awards are based include leadership qualities, accomplishments along with academic achievements.Brian Bonar won this award due to his knowledge and experience in the finance field. His experience in finance sector spans across three decades.In addition to being a finance executive, he is an entrepreneur too. He has opened a hotel. It is located in San Diego. Now he will be expanding the area around this hotel to accommodate an amusement park. He has employed experienced Italian chefs in his restaurant.Brian Bonar is skilled in contract administration, besides procurement along with design development. His experience is in the field of a site as well as building design. He is known for his eye for detail. This is why he is widely appreciated by his clients. He is an inspiration to his fellow workmates.

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