Success Academy, a Network Focused on Excellence

Success Academy is a network of charter schools that is dedicated towards improving the education system. The organization operates from New York City, where it has established several schools. It has gained recognition for producing great results and beating other public schools in the region. Parents of students attending Success Academy schools have commended the management for its transparency. Under the leadership of Eva Moskowitz, the network has expanded to other locations in the state of New York.



Success Academy serves over 9,000 students attending their schools at different levels of studies. They have around 30 schools, which include elementary schools, middle schools as well as one high school. Through these institutions, the organization offers quality education. Its curriculum allows students to compete fairly with kids from other schools. Students of Success Academy schools do well in Science and Math. Statistics show that they outperform their districts whenever they sit for their examinations.



The high performance of the students is as a result of the methods used in these charter schools. Success Academy understands the power of great content. In addition to conventional methods, teachers of Success Academy ensure that students understand the concept behind everything they learn and do. This approach is great as it enables kids to know that there’s a reason behind everything. Success has built a curriculum that creates an excellent environment for children to learn English and sciences better. The charter-school chain has also provided its schools with enough resources to help students advance their knowledge.



Aside from the curriculum, Success Academy students get good grades because of the organization’s discipline policies. Success requires all kids to take up personal responsibilities. As part of the school’s strategy to nurture disciplined students, it has implemented a rule that requires all children to wear uniforms approved by the network. The teachers don’t accept any kind of misbehavior. Instead of using in-school suspension, the charter school network suspends students who don’t act accordingly. This is a great strategy to teach students that actions have consequences. Success Academy has reported few cases of suspension as the children understand the importance of focusing on their studies. The organization aims at producing model citizens.

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