The Exciting Career Of Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is the CEO of vAtomic Systems, a mobile communications company that is focused on bringing elements out of digital platforms in order to sell them to customers. Pulier has been in the industry since early in the 1990s and he has been constantly riding each wave of innovation in order to stay competitive and move to the next level.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier has turned his passion into a career and that is something well worth paying attention to. Today we are going to look at what Pulier has been up to throughout his career in order to see just what he has done at every step along the way.

Eric Pulier and Philanthropy
One of the most enduring aspects to Eric Pulier’s career has been his constant adherence to being active in philanthropy. Pulier got an early start in the ’90s when he was brought on to work with President Bill Clinton to help develop cloud computing solutions for low income areas. Pulier would continue his path of philanthropy when he would become the VP Of Cloud Computing for the Painted Turtle Summer Camp, a place that was developed to bring relief and entertainment to children who struggled with chronic illness. Pulier would also begin to develop the Starbright World, a social network for sick children. As Pulier has gotten more and more active in philanthropy he has continued to work with some of the biggest names within the industry.

Eric Pulier the Enterpreneur
As an entrepreneur Eric Pulier got his start in the early ’90s working within the healthcare and medical fields. Pulier’s first company, People Doing things, would afford him enough leeway to focus on expanding his empire. Pulier would continue his ways as an entrepreneur as he founded or funded over 15 different companies while raising millions of dollars along the way. Pulier’s career continues to expand to today and it’s easy to see now why he has been so successful. Pulier’s work with vAtomic Systems is taking his attention now but you never know when he is going to shift gears and start focusing on the next project.

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