Osteo Relief Institute: Promoting Advanced and Efficacious OA Knee Treatments

Despite being the leading cause of disabilities in the United States and afflicting a staggering 50 million adult Americans, arthritis is one of the least known medical conditions globally. Arthritis is a group of diseases that primarily affects the joints and. One of the commonest type of arthritis is osteoarthritis; a joint disease manifested through the degenerative wasting away of joint cartilage. Like many forms of arthritis, osteoarthritis is common among the elderly and women. Additionally, it can be linked to family history, excessive weight and previous joint injury. It is marked by severe and sometimes, chronic joint pain as a result of the grinding of joint bones as the protective cartilage layers wastes away over time.

Alarmingly, the disease is incurable and worsens over time. Therefore, with the help of professionals such as those working at Osteo Relief Institute, patients can only self-manage the condition to avoid and prevent chronic pain, and joint stiffness and swelling. This can lead to eventual loss of joint function. Patients can daily routine marked by watching their weight, quitting smoking, gentle exercises, pacing and adjusting their positions frequently. Moreover, they are advised to avoid overusing one joint. With the help of qualified orthopedic specialists, they can also opt for medications, therapy and orthopedic surgery.



Organizational Profile


Osteo Relief Institute has modeled its operations around their clients. They view clients as family and therefore, the highly qualified and certified professionals endeavor to delivery high quality services that meet the unique needs of each client that walks through numerous clinics seeking for medical health for their joint condition. At the core of their customer-centric approach are the advanced state-of-the-art machines available throughout their clinics. Moreover, all the Osteo Relief Institute clinics have physicians and physical therapists who have been certified by the relevant boards. This ensures that all management and treatment options offered to the clients are as comprehensive as the diagnosis and screening processes.

To increase operational efficiency, Osteo Relief Institute has adopted a unique management approach that has seen all the clinics operated autonomously. This facilitates decision making which is crucial when it comes to treatment. It has practices in numerous states including Colorado, California, Arizona and Illinois among others. Using advanced technology, Osteo Relief Institute ensures that their patients avoid the option of surgery.

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