The Illustrious Career Of Brian Bonar

Most people know Brian Bonar as a finance executive. But he is also a businessman besides being a family person. Currently, he is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Imaging Technologies. Hence he has a very good understanding of digital imaging along with color management. The company is providing all these services to small as well as medium-sized enterprises.Brian Bonar is also involved in the Source One Group. It is a business acquisition. Even this firm is offering its services to small as well as medium companies. This is a firm that specializes in providing assistance in human resource along with payroll services.In addition, he is working as the chief executive officer along with the chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

This firm is specializing in providing aftermarket products besides employee benefits. Brian Bonar is helping his clients by offering them solutions to make their business more efficient as well as productive. He is able to provide such services as he is well-versed in business skills that include risk management insurance along with employee benefits. In addition, the company is offering several other business management services too. There is another company in which Brian Bonar is involved. This is called Smart-Tek Automated Services. Another is Allegiant Professional Business Service. He is the chief executive officer as well as chairman at both these institutions. All this is an indication of his success. This is because he has technical knowledge which he is able to combine with innovations.He has had a highly illustrious career. During this time, he has been the recipient of several awards. This includes the Who’s Who Executive of the Year award that is given by Cambridge. He won this in their Finance category.

The first time he had received this award in 2000 and then once again in 2010. This award is for those executives who have excelled in their field. The parameters on which these awards are based include leadership qualities, accomplishments along with academic achievements.Brian Bonar won this award due to his knowledge and experience in the finance field. His experience in finance sector spans across three decades.In addition to being a finance executive, he is an entrepreneur too. He has opened a hotel. It is located in San Diego. Now he will be expanding the area around this hotel to accommodate an amusement park. He has employed experienced Italian chefs in his restaurant.Brian Bonar is skilled in contract administration, besides procurement along with design development. His experience is in the field of a site as well as building design. He is known for his eye for detail. This is why he is widely appreciated by his clients. He is an inspiration to his fellow workmates.

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Eric Lefkofsky Builds A Cancer Defeating Database

Groupon founder and Chair Eric Lefkofsky has recently been looking for new and innovative ways of using the technology that is changing the world around us for the better. The technology investment specialist has built an impressive personal fortune rated at around $1.7 billion for the many different technology based businesses he has created over the years and has now looked to invest some of this fortune in his new company, Tempus, which is the latest bid by an entrepreneur and philanthropist to overcome the medical issue of cancer in its many different forms.

Over the course of his career, Eric Lefkofsky, has built a number of powerful technology companies, including the Echo Global Logistics Company that has built upon a deep understanding of the latest technology and opened up new ways of working as a business leader. Tempus is looking to take advantage of the lowering cost of DNA testing the company believes will have great advantages for medical professionals who are looking for answers to the serious questions posed by different forms of cancer.Eric Lefkofsky believes the development of a database of cancer patients will be of great importance to those who are looking to prolong the lives of cancer patients and even find cures for specific cancer. Tempus has also been developing software that will work hand in hand with the database of DNA samples that will provide information on which forms of treatments have proven successful for cancers identified using DNA testing.

The life of Eric Lefkofsky has seen the University of Michigan Law School graduate move into the world of technology with relative ease, particularly after the establishment of the Groupon company that has been the most successful in the career of Eric Lefkofsky.Throughout his career, Eric Lefkofsky has worked closely with his business partner Brad Keywell in a bid to identify the areas of business and industry where a product or service could have a major impact; the pair have proven successful in a number of different areas; Tempus is now the major concern of Eric Lefkofsky as he steps back from his main roles with Groupon in a bid to develop a brighter future to aid the medical industry.


Local News Report Talks About Online Reputation Management for Everyday People

St. Louis TV channel Fox2 recently a news report on online reputation management for small business owners and individuals who are concerned about their digital fingerprint. According to the report, social networks have completely changed the way we relate with one another. Unfortunately, search engines make no warranty about the truthfulness of what is posted or published online. As one expert, executive Michael Zammuto, puts it, Google and other search engines are just “conduits” for locating information.

One hotel manager interviewed said that the problem is that people are more likely to believe negative comments online rather than a business’s own press, so it’s extremely important to act when negative comments appear online in order to minimize the damage. However, Zammuto argued that this is of limited help since once something is online, it’s there for good. A better approach is to be proactive and produce your own positive content to control your online image.

Although there are companies that can produce online content for this purpose, the report suggests that anyone can take steps in this direction by sorting through their social media profiles and eliminating anything embarrassing or problematic. Zammuto argues that by getting your social media in check while you’re still in control of the situation, you’ll save money and time since you’re effectively preventing future reputation issues.

The major takeaway from this broadcast is to get ahead of the problem by carefully monitoring what is in your social media profiles and taking action before a problem comes up. People who are in the midst of a job search or applying to a degree program should also consider creating content in order to boost their online reputation.


Diversant LLC Grows Massively under John Goullet’s Management

John Goullet is an entrepreneur and IT staffing specialist with over 20 years of experience. He started working as a consultant for IT solutions in 1994 before focusing on IT staffing. He later founded an IT staffing agency known as Info Technologies. This venture proved to be profitable after it was valued at $30 million, five years after it was founded. Info Technologies was also ranked among the top 100 fastest growing companies in the US.

Info Technologies Merges With Diversant

Goullet met with Diversant’s founder, Gene Wade and they both agreed to merge their companies. The result was Diversant LLC, a company that offers a broad range of IT staffing services. After the merger, Goullet was elected as the company’s principal executive while Gene served as the CEO. Goullet has been a great influence to the personnel of Diversant LLC. He advises them to be creative and critical thinkers.

Since Diversant LLC was established, it has been productive in terms of performance and customer service. The company is listed on the list of Fortune 500 companies. It addresses the needs of its clients through an effective leadership team. Diversant employees are also motivated by values such as teamwork and discipline. As the principal, Goullet ensures that the employees serve clients with state-of-the-art solutions diligently. Diversant LLC is among the top IT staffing companies based in the US, thanks to pragmatic leadership and guidance offered by Goullet, Gene Waddy, and the Advisor Board.

Goullet’s Work Principles

Goullet is a veteran in the IT staffing sector. His extensive experience in computing and technology has allowed him to meet the technological needs of IT experts and companies. As his driving principle, Goullet believes that modern IT related problems could be solved if IT practitioners and companies work together. When he started out as an IT consultant, his work involved evaluating computer software and hardware. He also handled computer maintenance and database maintenance. Throughout his career, he desired to help IT specialists to secure employment and IT companies to get competent staff to fill their vacancy positions. Info Technologies was, thus, founded to address this issue.

A reputation management services for your online search results


With online reputation management, it is important to make sure that reputation is at its best. While people could use the help internet reputation repair firms, there are certain things that they can do in order to protect their own management. In fact, the more a person does to protect his own reputation, the easier it will be in order to get his reputation back on track from a scandal. This is why it is important for one to see what he can do in order to fix bad online reputation.

Among the things that he can do to manage his own online reputation is use social media. When someone uses his social media profile in a careful way, he could have a better chance at managing his own reputation. This includes being careful who he follows.

Another thing he can do is provide optimized content for search engines. If one owns an online business, it goes without saying that he should provide optimized content so that he can rank highly on search engines.

He could also own multiple domains. While most companies buy domain names that are their companies names, business owners could also buy domain names that are brand names as well.

Of course there is always help for online business owners in the form of online reputation management firms. Among the firms that are available are The Search Fixers. As the name suggests, they are fixers of search results. They provide optimized content so that any bad search results will be removed from the front page of search results.

In the end, each individual is responsible for his own online reputation repair services. He has to be proactive in managing his reputation so that he is not hit very hard when a scandal happens. He can do everything he can to maintain a good reputation and fix bad reviews so that people will continue to trust him and his brand.