Giving Hope to the Hopeless

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is a well-known organization in the United States of America. The organization provides great hope for the oppressed immigrants in the state of Arizona and along the border of Mexico. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

The story of the foundation of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is tied behind two journalists; Mike and Jim. The two journalists were fearless in writing and posting stories as well as advertisements that were against the violations of human rights, especially those of immigrants.

In their quest to write stories and exposing evil in societies and governments, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested and jailed.

The two were ruthlessly arrested by the deputies of the Sheriff sent by Joe Arpaio after they wrote a story about the way he abused his office and power by and racially profiling members of the minority groups and mistreating jail inmates. Upon their arrest, the two journalists chose to fight for justice.

They managed to convince a 18th Judicial Circuit Court that the Sheriff had arrested them because of personal interests in an effort to hide his illegal activities of mistreating the minorities and profiling them racially.

The jury decided that the articles the two journalists had written had a sizable amount of evidence that proved that the Sheriff had been perpetrating hate crimes against members of the minority communities.

When the two journalists were released from jail, they sued the county for unlawful arrest and jailing. They won the case and the court awarded them 3.75 million dollars.

The money was meant as a settlement. Michael and Jim saw an opportunity to support the oppressed minority groups directly. To reach as many people as possible, they decided to set up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The fund has been instrumental in helping groups in the United States especially those in the state of Arizona in fighting and advocating for the rights of the minorities.

There are many groups that have dedicated their resources and efforts to fight for the rights of the minorities, especially the immigrants. One of the groups which guard and fight dearly for the rights and freedoms of immigrants and other minority groups are the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The ACLU has stayed on the forefront of pushing for better treatment of immigrants for decades. The organization has, among other unique strategies, used litigation to set favorable legal precedence through court proceedings. The precedence set helps members of minority groups who are often disadvantaged for lack of information and resources.

The organization has gained fame, gaining both fame and hate in equal measure by challenging the constitutionality of oppressive laws like the ones that allow the mandatory and indefinite detention of immigrants.

They strive to prove that immigrants are human beings whose rights should be respected and their dignity restored. Another organization that uses the same approach is the Puente Arizona which is based in Arizona.

These organizations and many others have helped the world realize the various challenges that the minorities are going through. They have done so by helping to articulate those challenges.

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Michael Lacey

Mike Baur’s Recipe for Business Success

Mike Baur with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer founded the company Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that mentors entrepreneurs and provides educational facilities for a specified period at the end of which the entrepreneur is expected to pitch his idea. Such a company is meant to encourage entrepreneurial pursuits by ensuring that young businessmen and women are supported in the early stages of their endeavors.


The company was founded in the year 2014 with the aim of providing the same service that public startup accelerators do but with an entrepreneurial slant. Mike Baur worked for a long time in the banking industry but always wanted to start his own business. He feels that provided with the same things he has access to today he would have started his business much earlier.


According to Mike Baur, the private banking industry suffers because of many managers and banking advisers are unwilling to embrace change and do not have a hands-on approach to business. This means that in the event of a crisis the bank cannot whether the storm. His success at Clariden Leu is because he was willing to make changes. It is unfortunate that these changes did not sit well with everyone.


Credit Suisse took over Clariden Leu in 2011, and the new situation did not sit well with Baur, and he left to start his own business. It was not easy, to begin with, but he had the support of both his wife and his mentor Jean-Claude Biver. Mike Baur testifies to the fact that he would have remained in banking had it not been for Clariden Leu’s acquisition. Today most of his time is devoted to the startup accelerator bit of his business. He is also involved in marketing his business to young entrepreneurs in colleges and universities.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a Swiss entrepreneur born in 1975. He attended the University of Applied Sciences Bern in 1997. He got his Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Banking and Finance in 2002. He went on to the University of Rochester for his M.B.A and then on to the Universitat Bern to get his Executive Master of Business Administration degree in 2008.


Baur has worked in different firms including, UBS Wealth Management (1991-2008), Clariden Leu and Sallfort Privatbank AG. Apart from Swiss Startup Factory he also founded and owns Think Reloaded AG. Swiss Startup Factory has invested in more than 30 companies.


Jason Halpern Leads JMH Development With Building Opportunities

There are many different buildings that JMH Development has worked to create. They are in locations that are up and down the East Coast and even in other areas of the United States. All of these buildings have been personally created by the ideas that Jason Halpern had from the beginning of the JMH Development company. As the owner of the company, Halpern knows that it is important to make sure that he can help people with other options. He also knows that developing different areas is something that will make a difference for the company.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

When Jason Halpern first started working on JMH Development, he knew that it would create change for people who were doing different things. He also knew that it would help to make the cities that he was developing in better than what they had ever been in the past. Jason Halpern created opportunities for people and businesses.

Jason at Crunchbase Production

The areas that have been developed thanks to JMH Development were all extremely popular at some point. Most of the areas continue to be popular and that is something that Jason Halpern is proud of. He only works in areas that are trending and is constantly looking for the next best place in real estate. This is a huge part of JMH Development and something that has set the company apart from other development agencies. Jason Halpern knows the right way to do things and this has given him a chance to try more with the options that he has. Jason Halpern has always worked hard to provide people with the options that they need to include in their buildings.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

Depending on the opportunities that are available, Jason Halpern has to travel all around the country for JMH to find the best building options possible. Since the company only works in trending areas, Jason Halpern has to move all around the country with the work that he is doing. While he does work out of different areas depending on the current trends, the corporate headquarters are always in Philadelphia. This is a location that Jason Halpern chose because of the opportunities available there and it has allowed him the chance to make sure that he can reach many different people at different times.

His Own Time

The idea behind the marketing that JMH Development does is that they work to make sure that they are targeting the right audience. They don’t target people who are looking for budget living or basic commercial options. Instead, their target marketing audience is people who are looking for luxury and who want the best options available. Jason Halpern works to make sure that he can help people get exactly what they need from these opportunities.

Mike Baur’s Team at Swiss Start Up Factory

The ‘Swiss Start Up Factory‘ rolled out its services in 2014. The dream the company has is to start global companies which disrupt the status quo, t hat is the business models, the norms and the products. The main business at the Swiss Factory is to help start ups in their early stage with mentoring services. We also provide office space and coaching. Apart from these services we are also determined to provide financing and access to investor networks.


Other Services


Swiss Factory believes in the talent of the people in Switzerland. It is for this reason that the company has partnered with leading academic institutions to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs get a closer of good services.


Growth Accelerator Assistance


In this segment Swiss Factory assists matured startups attain their goals. Upon identifying the individual need of the business, we prepare a package that meets this need. Some of the services that are offered to these mature startups include: IT support, Accounting Network, Law and Taxes, branding fundraising and administrative support. Start ups in need to law and tax assistance get the very best from Wenger & Vielli. Those in need of Public relations help get a personalized marketing assistance and strategy. Start ups are also assisted in the area of fundraising.


Digital Strategy


‘Swiss Start up Factory’ appreciates that all companies need to adapt to the digitization wave. It is for this reason that Swiss Factory helps companies to identify potential and take advantage. Professionals at Swiss factory help start ups to come up with successful digital models, services and products. Swiss Factory helps analyze customer needs, assists in goal definition plus staffing. It also discusses solutions for startup digital issues.




Mike Baur is the man responsible for financing and fundraising. The other team mates at Swiss Factory include: Max Meister the co-founder and principle responsible for the accelerator process, Oliver Walzer is Swiss factory’s CIO and is also a co-founder. Jean Pierre Vuilleumier is the head of the company’s training programs. Chris Bargholz is the business analyst for the company.


Mike Baur


Baur has been in the banking industry for the past two decades. He is a Swiss national and the co-founder of ‘Swiss Startup Factory’. He stopped working in the banking sector and decided to start his own business. He became the ‘deputy managing director’ of CTI Invest after CTI and Swiss Factory became partners, in 2016. Baur’s early career was profiled by the ‘Wall Street Journal‘ in 2016.

Inside the Mind of America’s Favorite Business Protégé, Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a well-known American serial entrepreneur and a business leader. Ask any CEO out there. It is never that easy to venture into a new territory even with the best of ideas. Particularly, when that new business faces competition from the likes of With the overcoming odds stacked up against you, what do you do? Many people panic and run. Not, Don Ressler, however. The investor finds optimal solutions to turn the adversity into his advantage. His company, Fabletics co-owned with the beautiful and the talented Kate Hudson, is now estimated to be worth a cool $250M+ according to reliable estimates like Bloomberg. Here are rare insights and tidbits defining the successful career of the Co-CEO of Intelligent Beauty, Inc.

What Makes Don Ressler Tick?

From a tender age, Don Ressler and his closest friend and lifelong business investment partner, Adam Goldenberg started thinking of means and ways to infuse technology into the fashion industry. They went ahead to set up several e-commerce sites and thanks to their incredible and well-informed marketing decisions they made, they were able to build a fistful of Uber-like performing startups the likes of Intermix Inc. and Matrix Partners Inc. getting the customer everything their hearts desires is what gives Mr. Ressler the greatest joys in his life.

Tips and Advice to Young Entrepreneurs
According to Don, the road to success is often going to be filled with several challenges. Try not to take the hiccups negatively. Use them as a learning experience on Pando. The hurdles serve to reinforce your personal will to overcome bigger obstacles ahead. In other words, you have to pick a niche you happen to be genuinely interested in else you are in for one massive disaster, moving forward.

First Business Deal

While still in high school, Don Ressler got approached by the then multi-million dollar tech firm, Intermix Media. Apparently, they wanted to buy his startup company, Gamers Alliance. He quit high school to become the Vice President, Strategic Planning Division, at Intermix, a publicly traded company earning a six-figure salary.

Don Ressler Meets Adam Goldenberg

Working at Intermix changed the young Ressler in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. He honed and sharpened his skills in business. Ressler got really good at it and by the time he clocked twenty he got promoted to the CEO post at Intermix effectively making him the world’s youngest ever chief executive officer of a Publicly Listed Corporation. It’s here where he first met his partner in crime, Adam Goldenberg who had also sold his startup to Inter Mix some years back.

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Omar Boraie Has Committed His Life To Community Development

Community development in New Jersey is serious business that has been done over the past several decades as old cities look down at areas that are no longer suitable for living or working. These towns must be turned around by someone who understands development, and this article explains how Omar Boraie offers his expertise. New Jersey is a different place because of Boraie, and he is ensuring his companies may offer the finest in development options to every New Jersey city.

#1: How Does New Development Work?

Boraie does quite a lot of work in New Brunswick and Atlantic City. He looks at areas of the city that are barren, and he finds ways to help. He has done work in Newark to the same effect, and he hopes to turn each neighborhood into a place where families want to raise their kids, people want to work and businesses want to move.

#2: Turning Around Old Buildings

The oldest buildings in New Jersey often are not in fine repair, and they are not serving a purpose as they stand. It is quite important everyone who is developing in New Jersey takes their lead from Omar as he ensures the buildings are razed in favor of something that will serve the community. He completes development that will complete residential housing, retail shopping centers and offices here everyone may work. He wants to bring in as much business as possible, and he believes his plans will bring more people and businesses to the state.

#3: Increasing The Tax Base

Omar Borie is interested in building a better New Jersey, and he knows he must grow the tax base with help from those who are moving their businesses into the area. He finds businesses that are willing to move in, and he ensures they are willing to contribute to the community.

Everyone who lives in a better community in New Jersey likely has Omar Boraie to thank. He has completed building projects that are massive in every respect, and he is bringing back to New Jersey a bit of the fervor that was once there.

James Dondero Now On Prominent SMU Board

James Dondero has recently been selected to serve on SMU’s Cox School of Business Executive Board. Dondero is the co-founder and current CEO of Highland Capital Management, an investment advisory company and he now brings 30 years of expertise to the guidance of Cox School of Business’s strategic operations. It’s an honor for Dondero who’s praised the university for its contributions to the Dallas business community, and Highland Capital currently sponsors the Tower Scholars, a public policy scholarship and grant to the university’s library center. For Dondero, it’s another accomplishment in the influence he has had in the greater Dallas area, adding to the boards he serves on at Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank.

James Dondero has built a successful career in guiding alternative investment practices. He got started at the University of Virginia’s McIntire Business School where he got high honors in both accounting and finance, and began with the Morgan Guaranty training program in analyzing back in 1984. The following year, he was hired by American Express where he became a portfolio manager. He stayed at American Express until 1989 when he went to Protective Life Insurance Corporation where he would meet Mark Okada, the man who would become his business partner. The two men managed the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life, but it became more than a small branch of the company after Dondero and Okada grew client assets under management there to over $2 billion.

That GIC subsidiary would eventually become Highland Capital, and it started out managing funds in the fixed income markets, but today it now manages portfolios in many alternative sectors. Most notably Dondero’s company is one of the largest collateralized loan obligation (CLO) managers, a special kind of security-backed loan that comprises of multiple bank loans. Highland Capital also has investments in private equity, both long and short-term, real estate, health care, and emerging markets. Dondero is also a well-known philanthropist in the Dallas area, even recently making a pledge to match donations up to $1 million to go to a local domestic violence shelter group.

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The success of Clay Siegall Company; Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetic is one of the fastest growing cancer drugs manufacturing company in the U.S. According to the CEO of the company, Clay Siegall, the company has been hiring over a 100 employees annually for the last five years. This means that the company has been performing well in the market. Just recently, the Vice President of United States, Joe Biden visited the Bethel- based company after hearing its reputations, Settle Genetics is targeting to employ more staff to work for the company and also manufacture more drugs apart from the single cancer drug. The move will positively impact the company on growth and development.

Adcetris is the only drug that is produced by the company. Currently, the company is working on marketing the drug and commercializing the drug for use in more cancer-related scenarios.  The tests have shown positive results. Adcetris is widely used to cure lymphomas. Last year, the company made sales of 226 million dollars from the drug in both Canada and the United States.

Seattle Genetics primary focus is to provide drugs that will help cancer patients to slow down the spread of the disease, and the company has a goal to heal the disease. Adcetris is the only drug that is in the market; other drugs are in development and testing process. Seattle Genetics has twelve other drugs, which are expected to hit the market soon. These drugs include 33A, which are aiming to treat myeloid leukemia, a drug to treat bladder cancer and breast cancer among others.

Clay B. Siegall, Ph. D is the co-founder and the current CEO of Seattle Genetics.  It was founded in 1998, and since that time Siegall Clay has been serving as one of the board member and the CEO. Under his leadership, the company has some achievements, and it has a rapid growth. It has managed to make over $300 since it was founded. Siegall’s career as the head of the company has been a success since it was started.

Bruce Levenson Cofounder of United Communications Group (UCG)

Bruce Levenson was recently in headline news when the sale of his professional basketball team the Atlanta Hawks was finalized. The team had been up for sale for several months now and was partly due to the asking price. It was set at $1 billion and at the time seemed like a very realistic number. had estimated the value of the team at $425 million in January but seeing the sale of the Clippers and Bucks this changed the market scenery completely.
Bruce Levenson who aquired the team in 2004 was the teams governor and part of the NBA Board of Governors. He came about his wealth through the founding of the United Communications Group, a company centered around the distribution of business information and analysis. part of this data is also the Oil Price Information Service. This business is privately held by Levenson and his long time friend and partner Ed Peskowitz. They started the company together in a basement wit their first published article about the newest developments in the oil industry back in 1977. They then moved on to buying several other newsletters and started their own database.

Another innovative technology launched by the United Communications Group is the Gas Buddy application. This application allows users to search for the lowest gas prices within their current area via the mobile phone or any other hand held device. Thanks to their available database of oil prices they are able to link into the selling price of gasoline throughout the country and provide users with the necessary analysis to make choices.


The Lifetime Journey of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua has become a successful businessman, as he has gone from being a small-time employee in the Philippines to being a global entrepreneur. He has used and applied his incomparable business strategies in order to build his company Organo Gold, to the level that it is currently. He has also worked hard in bringing many people with him on his road to success.

Being the founder of Organo Gold in 2008, with the company being located in Vancouver, British Columbia of Canada. Organo Gold was a start-up company with just three employees, that has now expanded to a multi-million dollar industry that includes more than 35 countries and has thousands of independent distributors and employees. Prior to starting Organo Gold, he held a position at Gano Excel, a company that is located in the Philippines, and in 2003 he moved to California where he took over managing for Gano Excel USA.

Since he was raised in the Philippines, he already had knowledge of the health benefits associated with the ganoderma lucidium herb. The ingredient is included in products that are produced by Gano Excel, however while working for Gano Excel, Bernardo had a different vision that involved using the herb in beverages such as tea and coffee. And just a few short years later, he began delivering a healthier alternative for beverage drinkers that has helped in improving lives with better levels of balance, wellness and prosperity.

Bernardo is now known as one of the tip names within the direct sales industry. This comes from him playing a role in the success of Gano Excel and Organo Gold. He has played an important role in bringing ganoderma to the North American Market. Bernardo became one of the first individuals to successfully market the ganoderma herb in teas and coffees outside of the Philippines.

As a young man, Bernardo had a vision that has been realized through determination, hard work, and keen business sense. He has helped to teach this same concept and instill it into today’s generation in hopes of giving them a better and successful tomorrow. Chua has been recognized for several different roles and has been honored
on five different occasions receiving the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award.