Bernardo Chua; Medical Mushrooms and Marketing

As a prominent face in the industry of health and wellness for ten plus years, Bernardo Chua is a leader in his field. With ingenious sensibilities to unique thought and a firm understanding of his own skills he was able to create his own company back in 2008.

Through this company, known as Organo Gold, Chua has been able to attain a wide array of connections to over 35 countries on six different continents throughout his years working as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the brilliant creation that was and is still today Organo Gold.

AS the a network marketing distributor that is known for producing its own products which use the highly appreciated medical marvel mushroom known as Ganoderma Lucidum which is widely understood in traditional medicine in Asia as being a homeopathic remedy for many different illnesses, Chua has managed to gain widespread notoriety through out his many extensive years in study and practice.

As a visionary in his field, Bernardo Chua has accomplished great things and grown into a place of high esteem for his creative skills in the health and wellness world. In fact, four years ago he was named 55th in the Direct Selling News Top 100 for being one of the largest companies that deals with marketing in all of the entire world.

Thanks to his humble approach, undoubtedly learned from Leow Soon Seng, who was his mentor in the start of Chua’s career, he has been able to achieve much growth in his business and admiration for his craft.

With unfailing dedication and an amazing tendency for unique thought which he is able to attribute to his business in outstanding and at times surprising ways, Chua has made his name a staple in the health and wellness industry.

Today we stand in awe of this brilliant man and his incredible ability to remain humble throughout such wide respect and the esteem attached to becoming such a giant in his industry. As an inspiration to all, Bernardo Chua stand tall in his success and is quick to speak up for the universal well-being.