How Naomi Campbell Broke Down Barriers

Breaking Down Barriers

The career of a supermodel may not seem as if it carries much significance to social progress around the world, but Naomi Campbell’s runway success suggests otherwise. Before her models of colors were sometimes able to find work but within severe limitations. Achieving the sort of success top models can find was nearly impossible before her. When Beth Boldt recruited her to work for the Synchro Modeling Agency she would change everything. As a supermodel, a model enjoying international success, Naomi Campbell became the “it” girl of the 80s and 90s. Even after she retired from the runway her legacy continues to affect the fashion industry to this day.

It All Started In London

Naomi Campbell got her start in the modeling business at the age of 15. Despite her young age Campbell thrived and rose to the height of her career in the late 80s. At this time her name was associated with the term supermodel alongside a number of other models such as Cindy Crawford. As early as 1990 Interview magazine declared Campbell the reigning megamodel of her time. Everyone from Gianni Versace to Azzedine Alaia wanted to work with her. She even managed to branch out into music with appearances in the music video “In The Closet” by Michael Jackson and even released her own album.

Life After The Runway

By the late 90s the era of the supermodels had reached a conclusion. This didn’t mean Naomi Campbell had reached the end of her career by any means. She branched out into movies, released another music album, and even pursued a career in reality television. At times she has even returned from retirement to walk the runway. Overall Naomi Campbell continues to impact the world with her fashion, beauty, and grace.

Fabletics From JustFab Is Brilliant

Impressive New Designs In Women’s Clothing

I must say that I didn’t know what to expect when I first went to JustFab’s website, but I am totally blown back from what I have experienced working with them so far. From the designs that they have handpicked for me and my lifestyle to the special care their staff takes with every order, I am thoroughly impressed with what I have discovered about my personality and my style by working with their company. JustFab offers some of the highest quality products at, and their collections include some of the most sought after items that I can’t resist writing a short post about my experience with their company, their platform and their styles!

What Is JustFab All About Anyway?

The surprising thing about JustFab is that I have learned so much about my own personal style by using their platform because they actually care about what I wear. They handpick things for me that fit my personality and my style on Facebook. Sometimes I think JustFab knows my fashion sense better than I do. It’s true. Take a look at what I ordered last month. You can tell that the shoes, the purse and the dress were perfect for my personality. They suit my taste.

JustFab offers a wide selection of shoes, apparel and bags. They get into detail about your fashion sense by having you take a quiz. The quiz is short, but it was really fun to take. They have you pick out which shoes you like, which outfits are right for a night on the town and other fun, thought provoking questions. In the end, you are in charge of your style. JustFab makes finding your style simple.

They have a VIP membership that they offer. You can get your own Personalized Boutique from their team. It is a great value because you are saving money by cutting out the middleman involved in traditional shopping experiences.


Fabletics is the line that Kate Hudson officially picks out. It’s taken straight from her personal selections because she is the co-founder of this brand. Fabletics was launched in October of 2013 as an alternative to luxury activewear for women, and it comes at an affordable price while providing the same high quality value as luxury items.’s Fabletics announcement is updated with 100s of new styles and outfits every day.

Fabletics offer a variety of tanks, tops, hoodies, sports bras and other items.