Markus Rothkranz Reveals Why Focusing on the Little Things Matter

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Markus Rothkranz believes that in order to have an abundant life; one that is fulfilling and gives meaningful purpose, people need to focus on less, rather than more. Marcus has made it his core mission to help people achieve having a successful and healthy life. It does not come as any surprise that he would want to empower people to understand a significant and important principle for abundance.

When it comes to the little things in life, Marcus says that “no one is going to give you 2 dollars, when you cannot appreciate having 1 dollar.” He believes this simple concept of gratitude is key, and the imperative first step for creating freedom in life. That understanding the little things is actually what will bring you better opportunities for bigger and more meaningful success in life. Marcus says that understanding this vital step is what will put people in a much better position for being happier and more fulfilled. He wholeheartedly believes in people creating a life of abundance through determining what really matters.

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Marcus tells his large audiences and many followers, that by learning the concept of valuing the little things that come our way in life, we send a clear message to the universe that we have appreciation for them, which in turn allows for more abundance. His message is powerful and precise for helping people create the lives they want to live for themselves, and their families. Marcus says that even when having difficulties, people need to find appreciation in their circumstances, because that is what brings about change to those circumstances, for the better.

From the silence in the room, to the tone of someone’s voice, people can appreciate the value in whatever they’re experiencing at that moment. Marcus purposely identifies that people also need to let go of the negativity within their lives, and focus on the things that bring them joy. He says that it’s those little things that add up to the big things and that is where we can experience more satisfying lives. Marcus believes there is good in all circumstances in life and that richness comes to those who identify how the little things have contributed to their lives.

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Marcus Rothkranz has written several books on many topics, from healing to eating right, but it is his core message of having the right tools to sustain a better life that always stems from having the right attitude in life. He encourages and motivates people to have a better mindset, in order to be able to achieve their life’s dream. He believes in people being prosperous and being enthusiastic about their lives.

Within all of his messages, Marcus provides hope and triumph for those wanting to live a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle. His vibrant can-do messages always make people want to improve and rise above any challenges they face.

Marcus perfects the message of having true value in recognizing just how important the little things matter the most.

Markus Rothkranz: The Power of Raw Foods (1/2)

Ru believes that how you enter the market just as important as opening a store

Who is Nathaniel Ru? He’s a man that believes that everything one does, should last longer than the person who did it. Literally. Ru is a ringleaders of healthy foods and those foods being fun to eat. That’s right! Out of a 560 square foot tavern, Ru and his friends started an eatery in the place on M Street. That was three months after they had graduated from Georgetown.


Now, Ru and his friends (specifically Nicolas Jamet and Jonathan Neman) have a 64 store farm to table style chain of restaurants called Sweetgreen. Essentially an American fast and casual group of restaurants serving healthy food, Sweetgreen has store fronts in California, the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.), Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia. There are reportedly over 1,700 employees with the company. It has been declared that legacy restaurants should want to look like Sweetgreen, if they start from scratch.


Ru has a unique was in which he finds the right foods, crafts the company’s service design and how customers can enjoy an array healthy foods – not just kale. One thing Ru credits to his opening so many stores is analysis of the demographics where the stores are planned to go up. This is all part of the real estate strategy behind Sweetgreen. In fact, Ru himself admitted that how they entered the market was just as important as how many stores they opened.


Ru opened Sweetgreen’s first storefront in New York right at 28th and Broadway in a neighborhood known for being increasing help conscious – New York’s famed NoMad neighborhood. Many new media and tech companies are together in the neighborhood as well.


Ru, who was guest speaker at The Wharton Marketing Conference, recently said that turning their business into such a booming one was due to persistence to get a meeting with their landlord at the time to even open the first store. In just three and half weeks, Ru and his friends had put together a three piece plan to build the store. The persistence and teamwork paid off.


As Ru himself put it: The growth of the Sweetgreen company has allowed Sweetgreen to be not just a restaurant company, but a lifestyle brand as well.



Markus Rothkranz on “The Alkaline Myth”

It has been announced countless times that disease cannot live in a body that is alkaline. Some naturalists claim that all you must do is decrease the acidity of your body in order to kill cancer. By understanding how the body works, and performing extensive research, it can officially be dismissed as a myth. The truth is, their concept of drinking alkaline water may actually cause you physical harm.

Your goal is to empower healthy cells, increase cell vitality, enhance your vitality, and enjoy your journey of awakening. In order to understand the risk, you must know how acid and alkaline substances affect the body as a whole, and as individual pieces.

Alkaline substances and acidic substances both have their place in our lives. They belong in specific places inside of our bodies, not just wherever we decided to put them. If you want to be healthy and balance your body back out, eat foods that are less dense, contain increased water content, provide more energetic, and are not made of complex materials.

The majority of your diet should be made up of green leafy products. Other foods can be mixed in, but not in large quantities:

Your Personal Health is a Choice, not a Guarantee
* Fruits
* Berries
* Melons
* Herbs
* Turmeric
* Ginger

There are multiple causes for our current health conditions. There are also many causes of health problems. Many of them are under our own personal control. For example, a large percentage of the population systemic lymphatic stagnation. This is caused by weak kidney function and impaired adrenal glands.

A large portion of the population is also affected by a weak digestive system, which leads to digestive fermentation. This can lead to fungal problems in the digestive system. Usually, these problems are caused by poor metabolism that is controlled by impaired gland functions. It can also be caused by poor food choices and possible sulfur intake. Usually sulfur intake is caused by antibiotics.

By eating too much protein and animal fats, the time it takes for food to make its way through the digestive system. This causes putrefaction, or rotting of protein. It also causes the body to develop bacterial problems.

So How Do You Solve These Problems?
Eat foods that are not dense, high in water content, foods that are not complex, acidic fruits, berries, melons, and herbs.

Make sure that you are conscious about the foods that you are combining in each meal. The way you mix foods can have a dramatic effect on digestion. Do not eat meat, poultry, seafood, fish, or dairy related products. You should also avoid grains, starches and all types of oil except olive oil.