Jason Hope Offers Support to SENS to Fight Aging Conditions in the US

When it comes to fighting aging conditions and philanthropy, Jason Hope understands what it takes to restore hope to different members of the society. As an active sponsor of SENS Foundation, Jason Hope has given over $500,000 to the foundation to help in their philanthropy works. SENS Foundation is known to carry out research and provide anti-aging treatment solutions to different members of the American community. They have broken grounds in fighting conditions such as Alzheimer, Diabetes, and Parkinson Disease. Mr. Hope has decided to finance SEN’s projects because he supports what they do, and has seen the organization reach impressive milestones in their anti-aging campaigns.

Jason’s efforts towards the foundation stretch beyond financial giving. He personally reaches out to members of the community who are suffering from aging conditions. He is adamant about employing biotechnology, especially rejuvenation science. According to Jason, normal body processes such as metabolism slowly damage the body making it predisposed to aging conditions. For this reason, it’s important for all stakeholders to develop scientific solutions to counter the degenerating effects. This is what SENS foundation is doing, and that is why he is supportive of the initiative.

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an American entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and futurist. He is highly identified with his contribution in the Internet of Things (IoT) where he provides insights on the roles of the internet in business. Jason was born in Arizona and attended Arizona State University for his Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees. He has a Degree in Finance and MBA from the local University. As a futurist, Jason is able to use the gift of understanding technology to make market predictions pertaining to the industry. His philanthropy effort has seen him help many. His efforts and funding at SENS Foundation have seen many Americans achieve treatment against Alzheimer, heart disease, and lung cancer.


As a philanthropist and futurist, Jason Hope has touched and changed many American lives. Today, SENS Foundation has gone through great milestones in their efforts of fighting aging conditions through the support of Jason and philanthropists alike. He continues to inspire many through the provision of information on IoT and anti-aging programs.

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Jason Hope’s Professional Life Overview

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and philanthropist. Jason Hope went to the University of Arizona State where he graduated with his finance degree. He expanded his studies in W.P College of Business School where he acquired an MBA. After studies, Jason Hope began realizing his inventions. At the beginning of his profession, Jason invented a mobile communications enterprise and later shifted his focus to philanthropic activities, investments, and biotechnology. He values the impact of mentorship. To supplement his interests, Jason Hope goes around Scottsdale schools offering mentoring programs to the high school students to enhance their motives towards proprietorship. Additionally, Mr. Hope augmented a grant program to provide an experience platform for both existing and upcoming entrepreneurs. Along with Jason’s business initiatives, he has directed his passion towards politics throughout the State of Arizona as well as countrywide.

Jason Hope is excited by internet of things trend. In Hopes opinion, the internet of things entails ancient non-technical networks that involve data transmission and receipt. Jason Hope provides that this trend is capable of transforming human interactions around the globe regarding information acquisition and feedback. Jason postulates some notable instances of how the internet of things will make work easier and more efficient. He states that with the aid of the web of stuff, a refrigerator could connect with your home’s treadmill to provide information on the required exercise time for the burning of fats in the food you just ate. Additionally, your house appliances will be safer regardless of the state in which you left them. Not only will this emerging trend impact homes but also business operations. Being interested in both business and biotechnology, Jason Hope states that shipment monitoring and sensors will contribute to the maintenance of product’s state before purchase and delivery.

As a philanthropist, Jason Hope is satisfied with his contributions to the SENS Foundation, a research center specializing in anti-aging treatments and technology. Also, the research institute focuses on degenerative ailments that lead to body breakdown like Alzheimer’s. Hope’s donates to the organization to help support their activities geared towards stopping these dreadful diseases before they are fully mature. With Jason Hope’s help, SENS Foundation will continue with its advancements on the augmentation of anti-aging drugs as well as research. Hope believes that the intermarriage of technology and investigation will lead to life transformation and well-being.

Jason Hope’s typical day is impressive. He commences his day with physical activities and a healthy breakfast. After that, Jason reviews his messages and emails to rate individual feedback and comments. His core idea of realizing things is maintaining necessary things. Jason provides that failure is caused by over complication of ideas. According to Hope, success is achieved by following a realistic plan step by step.