Cotemar Leverages its Professional Expertise and State-of-the-art Technology to Deliver Exceptional Services

Cotemar has served in the oil industry for over 36 years. It facilitates development and expansion of offshore fields by delivering specialized vessels. Its strategic business units range from the marine operation and maintenance, air transportation, food and lodging, and maintenance & engineering. Cotemar has cemented a leading position in the offshore oil sector by facilitating hydrocarbons production.


In 1979, Cotemar S.A officially opened its doors as a firm that offers services in two unique lines: Campeche Bay-based specialized vessels and accommodation & catering. In line with its foundational mission of strengthening its position in the global market, in 1981, the company added sophisticated vessels to facilitate transportation of people and materials. In 1985, it acquired its first rig, serving as its first accommodation center with high-quality services. In 1988, Cotemar proceeded with its growth mission by buying additional specialized vessels to boost its specialized personal transportation. It increased its presences in the market by offering transportation services, construction, catering & accommodation, and facility management.

Cotemar strengthened its fleet of vessels in 1996, enhancing the quality of transportation of services. In 2002, it acquired Hibernia, a highly specialized vessel. Cotemar played an instrumental role in the construction of two semi-submersible rigs in Cosco. It added several specialized cranes and vessels for the transportation of solid and liquid materials. In 2013, it began the process of constructing Atlantis. The firm increased its competitive advantage by venturing into the onshore upstream sector in 2015. Over the years, Cotemar and its subsidiaries have secured high profile and competitive contracts. For instance, Servicios a la Industria Petrolea, a subsection of Cotemar, won the Cuichapa Poniente area contract. The firm won the contract due to its active participation in the third phase of Round 1 tender directed by the Comision Nacional de Hidrocarburos


Cotemar progressively develops and adopts new technologies as a strategy for upgrading the Mexican Oil Industry Development.

• Construction, development, maintenance, and engineering: Cotemar uses its semi-submersible rigs, which can shift from one complex to the next one, to streamline the construction process. Mobile connection equipment that can capture field information is used to carry out control operations.

• Accommodation and Catering: They range from nourishment, bedding services, sanitization of common areas, and laundry services. Accommodation cabins are designed to accommodate two or four people. They contain recreational areas, a basketball court, gyms, TV rooms, and cinemas.

• Maritime support vessels: Cotemar’s vessels contain advanced positioning system that offers groundbreaking offshore maintenance. These satellite-linked and computer operated vessels, allow technicians to carry out inspection and rehabilitation procedures.