George Soros Rises


George Soros is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, political activist and writer. He was born on August 12, 1930, in Budapest Hungary to a Jewish family. In the 1940s, together with his family, they became victims of Nazi’s anti-Semitic policy and survived. In 1945, the family again survived the Siege of Budapest, where house to house war was fought between the Germans and the Soviets.

Soros joined the London School of Economics in 1947 after leaving Hungary. He earned a Bachelor of Science in philosophy in 1951 and a Master of Science in philosophy in 1954 from the same institute. While a student, he worked as a railway porter on He first worked at Singer and Fried-lander as a clerk in 1954 before moving to America.

George Soros Rises to Finance Democrats

George Soros was one of the biggest Democratic financiers in the last year’s election. He spent over $25 million to back Hillary Clinton as the president and other candidates and causes for the Democratic Party. This is not his first time to finance candidates on In 2004, he spent about $27 million against George W. Bush’s election. Soros’ primary driver to politics in last year’s election was the hostility of the Republicans on the issues he valued like immigration and religious tolerance among others.

At one time, he spent $7 million to finance the Priorities US Action which was a PAC in support of Clinton on He also pledged to contribute another $3 million to the same group. American Bridge 21st Century received $2 million. He also spent $700,000 on various Clinton campaign activities.

Soros spent $5 million on Immigrant Voters Win; a group formed to encourage Hispanic voter turnout. He committed $5 million to Voting Rights Trust at The team was countering the conservative’s efforts to discourage voting. Other groups that he determined to finance were America Votes with $2 million and $1 million to voter mobilization groups among others.

Reactions after Elections

Despite spending so much money in support of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump won the election. After the defeat, Soros met with the other leading Democratic financiers in Washington. The meeting’s main aim was to strategize on how to use the remaining funds to counter Donald Trump.

Democratic Alliance donor club sponsored the meeting. Some of the people who to attend the meeting were Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader and Senator Elizabeth Warren among others. Most of the members’ priority was stopping Trump’s 100-day plan which they say was a threat to Barack Obama’s achievements.

The meeting also sought to the role of the Democratic Alliance in politics. Their strategy to mobilize women and the minority didn’t yield the expected results despite massive spending. Most of the financiers felt the need to take Democratic Alliance to task to say what went wrong.

The meeting discussed the importance of Obamacare and other projects by Obama against dismantling by the Republican government. Another important area they considered was on rebuilding the party after the loss in the election.

Soros grew up during the Nazi and the Communist time in Europe. As a result, he has been supporting open societies for a long time. However, he said he wouldn’t compare Trump’s presidency to his Nazism and Communism experience.

The meeting was also to discuss what happened on the election day, countering Trump’s threat, and whether there was hacking of the elections.