Markus Rothkranz Talks About Eating Raw Foods In Video

Markus Rothkranz is a lifestyle guru and motivational speaker. I came across a video of him talking about raw foods and healing. Here is a recap of what he discussed in the video.

Rothkranz discussed about how he started eating raw foods and he started to feel healthier. He explained how eating organic is better than eating bad foods, but it is not exactly healthy.

In the video, Rothkranz said that most drugs in the world that have been designed to make people feel better derived from something in the wild. He went onto mention how the cleaner people eat, the less sweet things they will crave.

Throughout the video, he talks about probiotics and how people should do them. He talked about how good flora is great for the body. Asides from that, he discussed the importance of moving and exercising. Enzyme pills were also mentioned and Rothkranz said he consumes enzymes on a regular basis. He recommended eating probiotics a little before bedtime.

A lot of the questions were in regards to food and eating healthy, as well as well-water.

As you can see, Rothkranz is an expert when it comes to eating raw foods and he knows his stuff when it comes to health. If anyone is interested in eating raw foods and becoming healthier, they should follow Rothkranz.