Philanthropic Endeavours of George Soros


George Soros is a billionaire who started off living in Budapest under the Nazi communist rule. He later relocated to London then Wall Street in the United States where he worked hard to acquire his fortune. Through the struggles, Mr. Soros rose to managing his hedge fund. He is famously known for his humanitarian actions worldwide due to his interest in politics social concerns. Mr. Soros is the founding father of the open society foundation that he founded around thirty years ago, although, the first society establishment was in 1984. He obtained the name of the organization from a philosopher Karl Popper in the title of his book “open society and its enemy.” He advocated for free expression, democratic governance, and respect for individual rights.

Social Concerns

Mr. Soros had a considerable interest in social issues affecting people globally, and that is why he founded the open society foundation. The actions of the organization have led to the critical recognition of the association as the most impactful. Mr. Soros initially donated to the foundation funds ranging from $ 800 million to $ 900 million annually until recently when he gave the highest amount wealth transfer by any private donor to a single foundation. He donated a sum of $ 18 billion to the charity. The organization has developed with time and has become the second most significant philanthropic foundations in the United States following the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. The association sometimes due to the extensive work is done in over 120 countries in fulfilling its objectives spends a lot of funds $ 900 million annually on projects which is more than the limit allowed legally.

Some of the works of his foundation include the investments in the US supporting the protection of lesbians and gay individuals. He also helped the reduction of abuses by the law enforcement police officers. In 2014, he participated in the funding that entailed financially supporting treatment centers during the breakout of Ebola. After the 2016 elections in the United States, the foundation put enormous efforts in protection of people against “the national wave of hate incidents” as people called it. He donated $10 million to ensure the prevention of such violence. After which Mr. Soros lamented over the “dark forces” experienced in the states due to elections.


Mr. Soros is also a very significant contributor in the United States politics. He took part in supporting democratic governance by supporting Democratic Party politicians who shared his ideology. He is known to donate a significant amount of donations to Hillary Clinton. He has helped the citizens of the United States during politically unstable times by funding projects to stop violence caused by an election.

The CEO of National Philanthropic Trust Eileen Heisman recognized George Soros for his work alongside other people like Daren Walker who is the current president of Ford Foundation. The editor of The Chronicles of Philanthropy Stacy Palmer showed the certainty of the continued support from Mr. Soros now and in the future. and Follow him

The source material for the article was from NY Times.