Relmada’s complaint and lawsuit hot on the heels of Laidlaw investment bank

On 25th January 2016, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company called Relmada Therapeutics, which develops new drug products to treat chronic pain, filed a complaint and lawsuit motion against Laidlaw & Company Ltd in the Nevada District Court. The complaint and the lawsuit are based on the allegations that Laidlaw & Company Ltd violated its fiduciary duty to Relmada by disclosing confidential information that it obtained while serving as Relmada’s primary investment bank. Moreover, Relmada is also seeking monetary compensation for the expenses and fees it incurred acting on Laidlaw’s fabricated and distorted proxy materials in December 2015.

Based on this trust, Relmada held discussions with Laidlaw about the prospect of getting on-board new investors in the spring of 2015. So Laidlaw planned a non-deal road show, had confidential discussions with Relmada regarding its business and prospects and introduced Relmada to particular institutional investors. The lawsuit, in this case, springs from interactions between Laidlaw and one of the investors who had signed a confidentiality accord with Relmada. Laidlaw wrote a letter to their Board in addition to filing a Schedule 13D with the SEC, which unlawfully revealed confidential details concerning Relmada’s fundraising initiatives and communications with investors.

In the initial attempt to resolve the dispute, Relmada’s Board of Directors organized a meeting with Laidlaw on December 1, 2015. In this meeting, Laidlaw’s CEO, Mathew Eitner and Managing Partner, James Ahern demanded the authority to elect the majority of Relmada’s directors. Three days later, Laidlaw released a press statement, a source of Relmada’s legal complaint, saying they were unveiling a proxy solicitation to appoint five directors to control Relmada.

Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank and brokerage Company providing personalized investment guidance to private and public companies as well as wealthy individual investors.

In my research about the company, I found out that Laidlaw has a bad history of violations against state and federal securities regulations. Moreover, it has been on the receiving end of censures and suspensions by state regulators as well as numerous customer complaints and claims.

The success of Clay Siegall Company; Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetic is one of the fastest growing cancer drugs manufacturing company in the U.S. According to the CEO of the company, Clay Siegall, the company has been hiring over a 100 employees annually for the last five years. This means that the company has been performing well in the market. Just recently, the Vice President of United States, Joe Biden visited the Bethel- based company after hearing its reputations, Settle Genetics is targeting to employ more staff to work for the company and also manufacture more drugs apart from the single cancer drug. The move will positively impact the company on growth and development.

Adcetris is the only drug that is produced by the company. Currently, the company is working on marketing the drug and commercializing the drug for use in more cancer-related scenarios.  The tests have shown positive results. Adcetris is widely used to cure lymphomas. Last year, the company made sales of 226 million dollars from the drug in both Canada and the United States.

Seattle Genetics primary focus is to provide drugs that will help cancer patients to slow down the spread of the disease, and the company has a goal to heal the disease. Adcetris is the only drug that is in the market; other drugs are in development and testing process. Seattle Genetics has twelve other drugs, which are expected to hit the market soon. These drugs include 33A, which are aiming to treat myeloid leukemia, a drug to treat bladder cancer and breast cancer among others.

Clay B. Siegall, Ph. D is the co-founder and the current CEO of Seattle Genetics.  It was founded in 1998, and since that time Siegall Clay has been serving as one of the board member and the CEO. Under his leadership, the company has some achievements, and it has a rapid growth. It has managed to make over $300 since it was founded. Siegall’s career as the head of the company has been a success since it was started.

Britney Spears Keeps Her Lips Hydrated with EOS

The pop princess Britney Spears is known for her music, dance moves, her Vegas show and her beauty. She has occasionally changed up her look for a music video or era of her music career but she generally rocks her blonde wavy locks, lined smoky eyes and glossed lips. What does she use to keep her lips hydrated even through singing and performing on her stage in Vegas? She reportedly uses EOS lip balms. This product is also surprisingly affordable for anyone too.

Britney’s favorite EOS seems to be the Pomegranate Raspberry flavor. She has posted pictures of herself using that particular flavor before a show. The Pomegranate Raspberry EOS lip balm is backed up with antioxidants to keep lips healthy and fresh. Shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E are all within the EOS lip balms. These ingredients are often hailed by dermatologists and skin care companies to be the top desired ingredients for lip treatment.

Britney has also used the EOS lip shimmer lip balms in her more recent music video for her single “Make Me”.  The added shimmer really makes her lips shine. Visit the EOS Pinterest page for more info. Check out their products on

Relmada Therapeutics Takes Action Against Laidlaw

Relmada Therapeutics has filed an amended complaint against Laidlaw. The original complaint filed in the Nevada District Court was for the false information that Laidlaw & Company released through press releases in December of 2015. Laidlaw alleged that they were in the process of taking over Relmada Therapeutics by naming the majority of the board of directors.

The amended complaint is directed against Laidlaw and its two principals. They are James Ahern and Matthew Eitner. The complaint alleges that Laidlaw not only spread false and misleading information about Relmada Therapeutics that damaged the company’s value, but that Laidlaw actually did not fulfill its obligations as Relmada’s investment banker.

Relmada Therapeutics states that Laidlaw did a poor job in attracting new investors and did not interact well with interested investors. This led to a loss of investment opportunities. Laidlaw also revealed confidential information about Relmada Therapeutics that it had access to as the company’s investment banker. False information spread by James Ahern and Matthew Eitner led to the drop of stock prices of Relmada even though the company was developing new products and growing.

It is important to note that Laidlaw & Company has a long history of violations of securities laws and dishonest behavior.  This predecessor of Laidlaw and Company has been fined and suspended by the Securities and Exchanges Commission, the New York Stock Exchange. It has also been found to be in contempt of federal and state securities laws.

Its two chief principals, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner also have a shady record. James Ahern as had complaints against him for, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and failing to live up to contractual obligations. All four complaints have been settled with payments. It is also important to note that James Ahern does not have any college degree and only has a high school diploma.

IAP Worldwide- One of World’s Leading Logistics Firm

IAP World Wide or Ingenuity And Purpose is one of the world’s leading logistics company. IAP Worldwide’s experience accumulated over long years has established the organization as a fore-runner in the field of logistics, facilities management as well as professional and technical services.

With a passionate verve to make a difference, IAP’s services can be found everywhere, be it a site struck with natural calamity or a war zone. IAP Worldwide’s aim and effort is directed at solving even the most complicated of technical and logistical challenges. With over 60 years of exposure the IAP team has been managing and operating civilian services, military services and remote research labs.

IAP’s goal is to enable fluidity in the operations of their customer base through proven latest technology on To make this available the organization handpicks its employees such that everybody can bring their unique and diverse skills to the table to create a rich and multifarious atmosphere.

IAP’s commitment to serve and help the society can be seen through its specialized services, be it in the field of government, aviation, military, IT or disaster relief.

IAP Worldwide’s mission to keep United States protected and strong has seen them extend their support to organizations on a global scale by leveraging their experience along with proven latest technology. Through their services they encourage the government and civilian agencies alike to perform in just about any atmosphere, no matter how challenging it maybe.

A for non-governmental organizations and clients working in remote areas, IAP intends to bridge the gap between their working conditions and benefits of civilization through its infrastructural, construction and relief facilities.

IAP Worldwide’s power services makes sure every project of their clients keep running be it at the site of a natural disaster, a construction site or some remote area. IAP Worldwide does so, by specializing in supplying power through systems of hybrid, dual fuel and renewable energy.

In aviation services on Google , IAP supports and maintains many aircraft programs through part replacement, up-gradation, provision of test stations, and much more.

IAP Worldwide’s department of Information and Technology keeps an eye out for all emerging technologies. It is today’s high end technology that keeps improving support and services in every platform and IAP’s intention is to reap the most benefits and distribute it among its client base.

From starting as a generator supplier to US military forces in Saudi Arabia, IAP has sure come a long way. Today as a proud partner of the military, the organization continues to pave the way by acquiring contracts from all over the globe. Today the company, with its 2000 members is spread over 25 countries working every day to make a difference.

Thor Halvorssen: Not Your Typical Human Rights Activist

Thor Halvorssen is not your typical human rights activist. Dubbed a “Troublemaker for Tyrants” by the Weekly Standard, the Venezuelan-born, New York based Halvorssen is on a crusade to stop human rights abuses. His approach and focus, however, are somewhat different than those of most activists. Halvorssen, who comes from an elite Venezuelan political family with Norwegian roots, heads up the Human Rights Foundation, which he helped found in 2005.

He himself put his life at risk, himself being detained and beaten in Vietnam after interviewing a Buddhist religious leader. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

But the intrepid activist is sometimes not very much at home in the decidedly left-wing world of human rights due to his unapologetic stances against abusive leftist regimes in Latin America. To him, it makes more sense to concentrate on countries outside of the West which are not monitored as closely as other states.

Thor Halvorssen is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in History and Political Science. After complete he education, one of his first efforts in the human rights arena was staging an effort at a Lucent Technologies shareholders meeting to end the use of slave labor in the manufacture of its Chinese-made products.

Before founding the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen was executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which brought traditionally progressive and conservative groups together in the pursuit of freedom of expression in education. As the founder of the HRF, he has been active in supporting Chinese dissidents, such as Nobel-Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, who selected Thor Halvorssen as his honor guest in the Xiaobo’s absence.

Livio Bisterzo – Changing the Food Industry through Innovation

four bags hippeas livio bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo has been operating in the natural food and health sector for seven years. When in May 2015, together with his team, Bisterzo set his sights on developing an innovative food snack under the slogan “better for you” he was literally pushing the known industry boundaries. After a couple of product development runs and consumer testing, he landed on a brand new product with the launch of the Hippeas brand in 2016.


Hippeas, the new product are organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free chickpea puffs offered in 100 calories per pack. They contain 3 grams of protein, a good fiber source. Recently, Hippeas became the newest product joining the Starbucks list of popular grab-and-go snacks. Two of Hippeas flavors—Far Out Fajita and Vegan White Cheddar—are now available in over 7,500 Starbucks US locations.


The Mission and Vision

Bisterzo founded in 2015 a new food innovation company, Green Park Holdings with a mission of creating inventive multichannel brands in the food and drinks industry. The objective is to develop and grow a portfolio with “Better for you” natural propositions focus. This is to be realized by operating brands having lasting social impact, prompting cultural and behavioral change.


The vision of Livio Bisterzo is to be in the forefront spearheading the positive change agenda in the drink and food industry.


The Hippeas Brand

An all-new organic chickpea puffs range, Hippeas is set to cause waves across the global snacking market when it lands on shelves this summer through exciting flavor profiles, its bold brand purpose and story, and clear health credentials.


Designed with the goal of appealing to the increasingly socially and health conscious millennial consumer, the strong Hippeas brand identity took its inspiration from the original hippie era spirit, updating it to suit a millennial audience.


Central to the ‘Peas Love & Giving Back’ brand mantra of Hippeas, coupled with Green Park insight to its consumer, the millennial ‘modern hippie’, the Company is convinced that it is possible to have ‘do good’ and ‘tastes good’ in the same slogan/sentence.


Towards bringing this brand purpose into reality, Hippeas is partnering with Farm Africa. In this regard, for every pack that is sold, the Company gives back by supporting East African farmers become more prosperous and pull themselves out of poverty.


About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur of Italian descent, living in Los Angeles. At the tender age of 27, in 2009, he was nominated by the Evening Standard of the UK among the 1000 most influential personalities in London. While he is quite happy with the Hippeas product, Bisterzo is equally very pleased with the social mission of the brand and the work in East Africa.

Why Seattle Genetics’ is not making Profits yet

Seattle Genetics has announced an increase of stock they have offered to the public to invest in. The company’s CEO, Mr. Clay Siegall, said that they increased their allotment because the investors interested in the company exceeded their expectations. Many investors have revealed their investment interests in the company because of their innovative products and ongoing research that the firm has invested in over the last 18 years.

The money invested shall be used to fund more research, improve infrastructure, and develop the firm’s human resource. Part of the money shall be used to move into bigger and spacious offices because of the growth that is anticipated to come with the investment.

Since the establishment of the company in 1998, the company is yet to post profits. Its CEO and founder, Mr. Siegall, said that the company has chosen not to make money but to invest its revenues in growth instead.

Mr. Clay Siegall further said that if need be, the company can turn into making profits within a short period but they choose to focus on growth instead.

The companies do not necessarily make profits but their revenues are channeled into the development of other income generating activities, infrastructure, or research.

Due to the value of the research, infrastructure, and the brand, the value of the companies’ shares increases hence the investors’ interests in the share keep growing.

It is important to note that most biotechnology companies usually take more time before making a profit.

Out of the $77 million that the company sold this year, over $55 million came from the sale of Adcetrics. As a result, the company is focusing its resources on the expansion of Adcetrics’ sales.

Clay Siegall founded the company after working in several top-ranking research institutes. He is a Ph.D. holder and has served on the board of Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ALDR) for over ten years.

Clay has been Seattle Genetics’ CEO since its inception to becoming a major supplier of antibody-drug conjugates that are used in cancer treatment.

Nathaniel Ru’s Contribution To Sweetgreen’s Success

Whenever you walk into a Sweetgreen restaurant, you immediately feel an aura of freshness. Sweetgreen is classified as a fast-casual restaurant chain that serves seasoned salads. It provides a vibrant atmosphere that leaves people queuing throughout the day to get a taste of the healthy cuisine served. The menu consists of foods such as lettuce, robust cheese crumbles, and tangy dressings just to name a few.

Sweetgreen is famous for its delicious foods that are both healthy and reasonably priced. Customers can enjoy the nourishing foods served by Sweetgreen for roughly the same price as burger and fries. However, unlike most salads, Sweetgreen’s salads fill the stomach in a way you won’t feel hungry half an hour after eating them.

Sweetgreen was founded by three Georgetown undergraduates namely; Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet back in 2007. They started with just one shop in Georgetown. Little did they know that nine years down the line they would have 31 outlets nationwide and $95 million worth of venture capital funding. The three founders have set their eyes on expanding to 40 restaurants before the end of the year.

Fortune recently featured Sweetgreen, and it declared that startup restaurant chains should look at Sweetgreen and try to emulate it. Nathaniel Ru, the Co-Founder discussed some operations of the restaurant. He shed light on how Sweetgreen picks its locations. Mr. Ru claimed that they conduct a study of demographics of a location while considering the timing of entering that particular market. He gave an example of a restaurant they opened in a New York neighborhood clustered with lots of tech and media companies.

Mr. Ru also touched on the design of Sweetgreen. He referred to the design as “service design” which culminates storytelling, design, and technology. He added that the open kitchen is vital in showing its customers the process behind producing the food.


About Nathaniel Ru

Mr. Ru attended Georgetown University where he graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. In the same year, he co-founded Sweetgreen. In 2010, Mr. Ru and the other two co-founders launched Sweetlife. Sweetlife is a food and music festival that attracts over 20,000 participants and features high profile music artists and chefs alike. Mr. Ru and his partners have been featured in several magazines and websites as a recognition for their efforts and entrepreneurial nouse.

Bank Philanthropy| Helping Dallas Residents Access Affordable Homes

For years now, Dallas neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area habitat for Humanity have been doing great work at providing a means for low-income families in Texas to own homes. September this year saw the two organizations announce that they would be extending this service to the residents of Southern Dallas, with only specific zip codes to benefit. The special program will be running for five years, where every year there will be at least 100 beneficiaries.

NexBank, the area’s leading regional bank will also be partnering with them. NexBank will be channeling $ 5o million to the program. With this money, the bank hopes that there will be more money, going to mortgages, to be advanced to Dallas’ residents. Also, the bank will be covering the closing fee for each loan. On this, NexBank has pledged $ 2,000 for each close.

Matt Siekielski, NexBank’s senior vice president of mortgage operations, speaking about this partnership, said that they were happy to be working with these two organizations.

Likewise, Mark Tribuna, the vice president of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, said that they were more than glad to be partnering with NexBank in the program. He acknowledged the bank, saying that they were playing a major role in helping residents of Dallas live their dreams of owning homes.

About NexBank
NexBank is a leading regional bank, owning more than 3.5 billion in assets, based in Dallas. It was founded about 94 years ago, opening a line offering financial services throughout USA. The bank offers commercial, mortgage and investment banking within its service profile.