OSI Group is One of the Industries That Offer Custom Food Solutions

When it comes to providing food services, OSI Group is one of the best in the market. It is not just the high quality and healthy sources that they get their food from, it is also because they offer their clients the chance to customize the types of food they can get. This makes it easier to provide their customers with the food they want and keep them coming back. After all, it is important for food seller to find some kind of way to keep their customers returning for food. With OSI Industries, food providers can determine different aspects of the food they provide their customers which includes taste and texture.

One of the best things about customization is that it makes it possible for the customer to choose something according to his own personality. With customization, the customer also can present things according to his own preference. Therefore, he will have more trust in the company he buys from and even become an exclusive customer of the company. After all, this is the type of customer that companies need. Loyal customers are going to bring companies the life they need so that they can continue providing people with the services and products that they love.

OSI Industries is always expanding as a company. They have bought out plants such as Baho Food and Tyson. Also, they supply their foods to food service providers in various restaurants. Many larger and smaller chain restaurants are looking for foods that are safe and great tasting. After all, if they get meat from sources that are very low in quality, then they are likely to lose customers. This is why food service companies get all of their food from OSI Industries. Customers will be provided with great tasting food that is also healthy to eat.

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Mike Baur’s Team at Swiss Start Up Factory

The ‘Swiss Start Up Factory‘ rolled out its services in 2014. The dream the company has is to start global companies which disrupt the status quo, t hat is the business models, the norms and the products. The main business at the Swiss Factory is to help start ups in their early stage with mentoring services. We also provide office space and coaching. Apart from these services we are also determined to provide financing and access to investor networks.


Other Services


Swiss Factory believes in the talent of the people in Switzerland. It is for this reason that the company has partnered with leading academic institutions to help startups and aspiring entrepreneurs get a closer of good services.


Growth Accelerator Assistance


In this segment Swiss Factory assists matured startups attain their goals. Upon identifying the individual need of the business, we prepare a package that meets this need. Some of the services that are offered to these mature startups include: IT support, Accounting Network, Law and Taxes, branding fundraising and administrative support. Start ups in need to law and tax assistance get the very best from Wenger & Vielli. Those in need of Public relations help get a personalized marketing assistance and strategy. Start ups are also assisted in the area of fundraising.


Digital Strategy


‘Swiss Start up Factory’ appreciates that all companies need to adapt to the digitization wave. It is for this reason that Swiss Factory helps companies to identify potential and take advantage. Professionals at Swiss factory help start ups to come up with successful digital models, services and products. Swiss Factory helps analyze customer needs, assists in goal definition plus staffing. It also discusses solutions for startup digital issues.




Mike Baur is the man responsible for financing and fundraising. The other team mates at Swiss Factory include: Max Meister the co-founder and principle responsible for the accelerator process, Oliver Walzer is Swiss factory’s CIO and is also a co-founder. Jean Pierre Vuilleumier is the head of the company’s training programs. Chris Bargholz is the business analyst for the company.


Mike Baur


Baur has been in the banking industry for the past two decades. He is a Swiss national and the co-founder of ‘Swiss Startup Factory’. He stopped working in the banking sector and decided to start his own business. He became the ‘deputy managing director’ of CTI Invest after CTI and Swiss Factory became partners, in 2016. Baur’s early career was profiled by the ‘Wall Street Journal‘ in 2016.

Paul Mampilly: An Ingenious Financial Advisor

Paul Mampilly is a successful American investor who gained enormous fame for his former role as a hedge fund manager. Born in India, he came to the United States and shortly made an enviable position for himself on the Wall Street. He had an illustrious career of 20 years of working for various international clients such as Deutsche Bank and ING etc; His managerial genius received a timely and apposite appreciation in 2009 when he was vouchsafed the prestigious award of Templeton Foundation.

Paul Mampilly is the founder of the famous investment newsletter Profits Unlimited. Through this publication, which is published by Banyan Hill publishing, he shares his managerial and investment skills and knowledge with some 60,000 subscribers who are bidding to become stock investors. The 8-page newsletter is widely popular among people involved in stock investment which published every month. However, Paul Mampilly ensures a weekly update of one or two stocks. Through his productive analysis, he informs his subscribers about the way they invest in the stocks and how to make a profitable arrangement between a client and financial advisor. Click here to know more.

The readers of the newsletter praise Paul Mampilly for his financial genius and his productive guideline he provides them with. It has been witnessed that the stocks he writes about in his newsletter experience a sudden increase in their value and worth on a remarkable scale. With his outstanding financial advisory output, he has helped numerous investors greatly maximize their shares and stocks in a short time. When it comes to his personal investment, Paul Mampilly has a remarkably illustrious track record. It is evident from his successful career as hedge fund manager and investor and his impeccable financial research that Paul Mampilly is contributing remarkably to an innovative approach to investment to maximize the value of his subscribers’ stocks.

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King of the Money Market Fund: Bruce Bent II

As people we take pride in how hard we work over the years, and take pride in how hard we accomplish all we set out to do. It takes a lot of self control and patience to be able to save money like that. A great way to save and build up your life savings is through investing. A money market fund is a fund that is open ended that invests in short term debt securities. These funds can be just as safe as bank accounts. The people who need these funds are people like stock shareholders and CEO’S as well as cooperate companies.

Bruce Bent II is an icon in the financial industry. He grew up learning how the financial world works. In fact, his father was the founder of the first market fund was called the Reserve fund. The industry is now worth $3.0 trillion dollars and is the leading expert for all investors.

Bruce Bent II is still working in the field today. Bent II has a great career in the financial world. He has helped some many different financial corporations from banks to broke-dealers. He helps them find creative cash-related solutions.

Bent II went to Northeastern University for his education. There he earned his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. Currently he is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation. He is been a huge asset to the financial community. He has followed in his father’s footsteps, but surely he has carved his own path.

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Omar Boraie: What Makes Boraie Development Unique?

Omar Boraie is a household name in New Brunswick. Not only is he a respected real estate developer but he is also a businessman and a philanthropist. Thanks to him, the New Brunswick area has transformed over the years and now attracts both residents and business owners from all over the state.

Omar Boraie started his career in real estate development many years ago. He was born in Egypt but he went to the United States with a vision to implement creative development plans. Armed with his vision, he decided to start his projects in New Brunswick.

When Omar started building projects in New Brunswick, he was hopeful that he would make a difference in the city’s real estate sector. However, most of the city’s residents were very skeptical and critical. This did not deter him from actualizing his dreams. Presently, New Brunswick is a vibrant hub of activity, with many residential units and office space.

In an article on NJ Biz, with his company, Boraie Development, LLC, Omar Boraie has managed to transform the life of many residents of New Brunswick and its neighborhoods. His development projects are not like those of others. Instead of focusing on luxurious living units that can only be afforded by the affluent in society, Boraie has chosen to come up with multi-use facilities which are accessible to all. He does not compromise on the quality of the buildings which the company sets up.

Some of Boraie’s notable works include The Aspire, a project which is set to change the lives of many. The One-Spring Street Condominium is also another project which Boraie completed in 2007. This project gave the city the much-needed office space and residential units. It also attracted small business owners to invest in the city and make it a better place.

With his company, Boraie has managed to inspire many. One of his sons, Sam Boraie, has also joined his father in his real estate development projects. He is the company’s vice president and also sits on various boards. Both Omar and Sam contribute to various charities to help the community.

Read more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405270230452620457909952025609506


Avi Weisfogel Helps Your Child Trust During Dental Examinations

It is very important to start your child out early in life. He or she must not be afraid of the dentist or the doctor. This is something that takes some time to build trust and understanding between child and professional. Avi Weisfogel is one of the dental professionals that care about you and your child. He takes the time to carefully explain what he will be doing so that the child avoids anxious moments during the exam. He is friendly and helps the child to feel at ease.

Most dentists are skilled in performing examinations of the mouth and teeth. They know how to put the child at ease. This is one of the skills that schools go over before graduation. The education also provides students with the ability to recognize things that are out of the normal. One of these things is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a problem for just about anyone. It is not a problem for people that are overweight. It is also a problem for people will deformities of the mouth. It is a problem for people with misaligned teeth or too large of a tongue. Sleep apnea can be very dangerous and must be taken seriously when suspected.

Avi Weisfogel puts his education to good use as one of the owners of Dental Sleep Masters and Old Bridge Dental. Avi likes to help other dentists learn to recognize potential problems during exams. He takes the time to go over all of the things to look for when doing examinations. Someone with sleep issues may experience depression, difficulty concentrating, and constant yawning. Sleep deprivation can be an issue if a person has chronic nasal congestion. Nasal congestion can be from deviated septums in the nose. It can also be a result of allergies. Once the dentist suspects nasal issues he can recommend an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Avi Weisfogel graduated from NYU School of Medicine. He loves sports and follows the NY Rangers hockey team faithfully. He also enjoys watching the Lakers and Celtics basketball during the season. When he is not watching a game, Avi enjoys spending time with friends and family. He listens to hip-hop and is skilled at making sick beats for fun. Avi knows how to spend some time having fun and a lot of time helping others. Check out his go fund me page to see how you can help others.

Respecting Avi Weisfogel: https://www.facebook.com/DSMasters.drAviWeisfogel/



Inside the Mind of America’s Favorite Business Protégé, Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a well-known American serial entrepreneur and a business leader. Ask any CEO out there. It is never that easy to venture into a new territory even with the best of ideas. Particularly, when that new business faces competition from the likes of Amazon.com. With the overcoming odds stacked up against you, what do you do? Many people panic and run. Not, Don Ressler, however. The investor finds optimal solutions to turn the adversity into his advantage. His company, Fabletics co-owned with the beautiful and the talented Kate Hudson, is now estimated to be worth a cool $250M+ according to reliable estimates like Bloomberg. Here are rare insights and tidbits defining the successful career of the Co-CEO of Intelligent Beauty, Inc.

What Makes Don Ressler Tick?

From a tender age, Don Ressler and his closest friend and lifelong business investment partner, Adam Goldenberg started thinking of means and ways to infuse technology into the fashion industry. They went ahead to set up several e-commerce sites and thanks to their incredible and well-informed marketing decisions they made, they were able to build a fistful of Uber-like performing startups the likes of Intermix Inc. and Matrix Partners Inc. getting the customer everything their hearts desires is what gives Mr. Ressler the greatest joys in his life.

Tips and Advice to Young Entrepreneurs
According to Don, the road to success is often going to be filled with several challenges. Try not to take the hiccups negatively. Use them as a learning experience on Pando. The hurdles serve to reinforce your personal will to overcome bigger obstacles ahead. In other words, you have to pick a niche you happen to be genuinely interested in else you are in for one massive disaster, moving forward.

First Business Deal

While still in high school, Don Ressler got approached by the then multi-million dollar tech firm, Intermix Media. Apparently, they wanted to buy his startup company, Gamers Alliance. He quit high school to become the Vice President, Strategic Planning Division, at Intermix, a publicly traded company earning a six-figure salary.

Don Ressler Meets Adam Goldenberg

Working at Intermix changed the young Ressler in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. He honed and sharpened his skills in business. Ressler got really good at it and by the time he clocked twenty he got promoted to the CEO post at Intermix effectively making him the world’s youngest ever chief executive officer of a Publicly Listed Corporation. It’s here where he first met his partner in crime, Adam Goldenberg who had also sold his startup to Inter Mix some years back.

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Monitor Your Online Reputation

Are you planning to protect your online reputation and build a great impression about your company?

Online reputation management companies offer expert reputation management solutions for individuals and businesses. These companies often have a team of qualified professionals, comprising of SEO specialists and digital content publishing experts.

There are many reputation management firms that provide customized solutions so that organizations, entrepreneurs and institutions can easily and effectively handle the issues on their own. Some of the issues often encountered include displeased employees, malicious competitors, and irate customers. With the use of top notch online reputation tools and system, a reliable firm can advise and guide you in building a great reputation online.

Let the experts help you build a great reputation by creating valuable content and posting it all over the web while suppressing negative reviews. Having your positive content show up on top pages of search results means people will be given a good impression about you or your brand.

Managing your reputation can be time consuming so getting experts to handle it for you will allow you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Once you have a discussion with these professionals and they understand what you’re dealing with, they will devise a customized reputation management solution or strategy to address those problems.

Ongoing monitoring and reporting will be required in other to get good results. Expert know that establishing and maintaining reputation requires ongoing monitoring, and the process is not for the inexperienced. That is why it is important to choose a renowned team of professionals to help you handle the task. Proactive monitoring is essential and it helps get rid of negative issues as soon as they occur.

Well-established reputation service providers have designers, editors, and developers, and they produce quality, useful content for their clients. Many of them have expertise in online advertising, social media, and public relations, which helps to strengthen your brand image online. By publishing quality content and applying SEO strategy, they can then help you to outrank or suppress any negative content that is published online.

Commentary On Investment Strategy By The CEO Of Capital Group

Tim Armour is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Group. Mr. Armour did a commentary on CNBC about Warren Buffett and his investment strategy. Tim Armour supports Warren’s idea to buy simple investments at lower costs for long-term purposes. Mr. Buffett wagered one million dollars towards a charity instead of investing in an index fund.

A foundation is bound to give better investment returns, and Warren advises Americans to prepare for retirement through investments. Mr. Buffett uses the bottom-up investment approach which has proven to be durable over the decades. Tim is of the view that investors to use the two filter methods while looking for hedge fund managers. The two filter methods are high manager ownership and subsidized costs which quickly identify good fund managers.

Read more on Bloomberg.com.

Tim Armour assumed the chairmanship title at Capital Group in July 2015. Capital Group is among the world’s leading investment fund firms. Previously, Mr. Armour held the Equity Investment Analyst title at the same company where he was in charge of service businesses and global communication. Tim has thirty-two years of experience in the investment sector all thanks to Capital Group. His career began as a participant in Capital’s Associates Program. Tim holds a bachelor’s of commerce degree in economics from the Middlebury College.

Learn more about Tim Armour: https://www.americanfunds.com/individual/news/senior-management-changes.html

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus In A Mission To Bring Targeted Cancer Treatments

Tempus, a genomic sequencing firm driving better medical results, is working to bring targeted cancer treatments more widespread. The firm founded by Eric Lefkofsky is using machine learning to effectively map the treatment decision of each patient to make the pattern for further reference. Recently, the firm made a partnership with the University of Chicago to provide data to its doctors to drive better treatment results. With the deal, the firm would offer molecular sequencing and analysis data of at least 1,000 breast cancer patients to the doctors of the University to get improved patient outcomes.

It was reported that though the breast cancer is considered to be very common, the very less accessible data of disease pattern and treatment results is making a negligible reference for the doctors – a real challenge for them. But, with the latest partnership, the doctors of the University of Chicago would find the benefit of accurate genetic information and can execute targeted and informed decisions. Incidentally, the firm has already made partnerships with the Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, the University of Michigan, etc.Eric founded Tempus in 2015 and leads the firm as the Chief Executive Officer. Under his supervision, the firm developed an operating system which would help to fight against cancer. The firm combines data science and technology to derive efficient results in fighting against cancer. With that mission, he set up a highly robotic lab at Tempus.

Eric is the co-founder and Chairman of e-commerce marketplace firm, Groupon. He also co-founded predictive analytics platform, Uptake Technologies. Additionally, Eric set up three more firms namely Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings. To enhance the communities and its lives, he established a foundation called Lefkofsky Family Foundation in 2006. He completed his graduation from the University of Michigan and also completed his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/lefkofsky