Lime Crime Arrives In China

Lime Crime, a fast-growing cruelty-free cosmetics brand, recently launched in China. However, given the country’s requirement that all wholesale cosmetics manufacturers test their products on animals, the vegan brand knew that it would have to seek out an alternative method of reaching Chinese consumers. The company’s Global General Manager, Kim Walls addressed this marketing issue at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Conference in Los Angeles last year, “Looking at China, one of the things I knew based on prior experience is that we couldn’t sell in any of the ways that I knew how to sell,” she said.

In addition, while the problem of animal testing could be avoided if the company simply shipped directly to consumers from the USA, doing so quickly presented major logistical and customer service issues concerning import taxes, return processing, and customer inquiries, which would all have to be handled in a foreign language and or currency.

However, it was Lime Crime’s counterfeit product problem that actually ended up presenting the solution. After discovering that over one million units of its popular lip topper product were being copied and illegally sold in markets around China, the company knew that it had to find a way to let consumers know where to buy the real product. They decided to partner with Revolve an e-commerce fashion brand that had also recently expanded into the Chinese market and was interested in adding a beauty brand component.

By encouraging Chinese consumers who arrived at the company website or social media channels to visit Revolve to purchase products, word quickly got out that Revolve was the only legitimate venue for buying LimeCrime makeup. The company also issued access to its e-commerce hub two hours before the official launch to existing fans of the brand, which helped generate buzz and site traffic. Partnering with online influencers who were genuinely passionate about Lime Crime products, proved to be the final ingredient, allowing the brand to quickly get the word out via those who know and love its products the most. The certified vegan brand can now be purchased in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, in addition to the United States and Canada.

Felipe Montoro Jens Estimates Privatization in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in infrastructure projects who reported that PPI, or the Program of Partnerships and Investments, will be granting fifty seven projects to the private sector in the next year. These projects will affect 22 private sectors, although more than half of them won’t actually come into fruition until the second half of 2018. Currently, the public sector already has a 49% interest in these companies, and that amount is expected to increase.

Ideally, the PPI is hoping that selling businesses over into private sectors will increase amount of sales happening between the state and private sector in Brazil, and therefore strengthening a relationship that will inevitably create more jobs. Investments in privatization progress leaves the opportunity for economic growth without continuously stretching the income of the state.

Felipe Montoro Jens explains that the government is looking to sell companies such as Mint and Ceasaminas, companies that are designed to create money and passports for the country, because technology can replace them and selling these business will stabilize the security of projects, and give the government minimal invention inside of investments and high-income businesses, handing the money back into the pockets of the people so that it can be redistributed in other businesses. Ideally, this money would continue to be spent throughout the community until the economic growth leaves Brazil with a lower HPI (human poverty index) then they currently have.

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert in investments and finances, as he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Energizer Captacao S.A., and lends his knowledge to anyone looking to use foreign market to maximize their investment opportunities. He has always been concerned with how poor infrastructure can cause wasted resources, and therefore specializes in fixing these issues within a business, or within the state.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Created Bumble To Help Others Find Love

Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the best people to speak to because of her knowledge on all aspects of love, dating, and friendship. She has grown to become such a successful businesswoman because of her efforts that have lead to her success today. One of the most unique aspects of Whitney is how she took her experience to build a huge empire like the Bumble app. Bumble is the app that catapulted her to a new level in her business life. It’s incredible how far the app has gone to helping so many people find what they want in their dating life.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd created this app to give women that voice that most women do not get in the world of dating. It’s tough sometimes for women to get that chance to be the one to decide simply because men are taught to be the ones to chase. With this app, women are taught to go after the men by giving them the freedom to decide who they want to speak to. The toughest thing about apps that focus on dating is that men can get aggressive and message as many girls as they can, but Bumble helps prevent this as much as possible. Whitney Wolfe Herd made sure Bumble was an app women felt secure and safe on. When a match occurs, women must send the first message in order to keep the conversation going. Not only is this a smart way to have people move forward in dating, but it gets people staying focused on the conversation.

The key to using Bumble app the right way is to know what gets people interested. Good photos, a strong bio, and a good profile in general that showcases you off very well. Today, Bumble is helping countless people find love and even fiends and business partners every single day.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is definitely a woman of substance proving that love is out there. Her boyfriend when she built Bumble was super supportive and the voice of maintaining confidence. Today, that boyfriend is now her husband and they have fallen in love. She’s proving with her own love life that love does exist out there, and that there are people worth going out with. Whitney Wolfe Herd is ultimately one very inspiring woman that can show you can have money and a career while also having a love life.

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Talkspace Smart Way to Get Counseling Without Spending a Fortune

People these days, especially the teens, are continually using their smartphone. Staying connected has become a necessity these days, professionally as well as personally, but studies have shown that it has its downsides too. In an urge to stay connected and using various offerings of the smartphone and technology, people often tend to skip or miss using the natural side of life.

As per a current research, over 10 percent of the youth who is a smartphone or the internet are at the risk of suffering from depression. It is due to the widespread nature of this problem that different services addressing the psychological consequences of depression are becoming popular among the people. One such popular service is Talkspace, which so far has engaged over 500,000 users and has registered base of more than 1,000 professionals.

Talkspace offers the same setting as a physical counseling session, but online and through your smartphone or smart device. It is as discreet and private as a physical counseling session, and if the user wants, they even have the option of keeping their name and other contact details discreet or hidden and communicate using the anonymous handle. For people who are reserved or uncomfortable with revealing their identity, such a service can work wonders for them. It would ensure that they can open up about their problems and issues without any reservations and find a solution that would help them move on in life at a comfortable pace.

Talkspace has recently partnered with the pharmaceutical giant named Magellan Health, which would help increase the clientele of Talkspace considerably. It also directs towards the fact that in future, Talkspace is going to evolve a lot and the people can expect a much more refined and developed application in the future. Talkspace is a smart, convenient, and affordable solution for people who are looking for therapy and counseling.

Drew Madden And Healthcare Changes

The industry of healthcare is ripe for the proverbial picking, per CVS Corporation and Amazon. The former entity is the biggest pharmacy chain in America, whereas Amazon is, by far, the most sizeable eCommerce platform in North America, not to mention most – if not all – places of the world.

CVS Pharmacy is ramping up mail-order delivery of prescription drugs to next-day for all customers, hoping to fend off pressure from Amazon’s well-established ability to deliver products in a maximum of two days. Amazon is slated to begin selling prescription drugs delivered through postal carriers in the foreseeable future.

In the interim, Amazon has been granted a few pharmacy licensures to sell equipment used in the practice of medicine. Experts such as Drew Madden expect Amazon to start the process necessary to distribute drugs in the next few years.

It makes sense for Amazon to target the healthcare industry as its next endeavor, as the corporation has already mastered the world of online shopping.

As a percentage of gross domestic product in the United States, healthcare spending has increased from north of 5 percent in 1960 to nearly 18 percent in 2010. Based on history, the proportion is likely to keep growing. Also worth noting is the fact the United States pumps $9,250 into healthcare for each person in the country, the largest such delegation in the world.

Investors across the nation have dropped shares in public pharmaceutical companies like CVS Corporation and Walgreens in response to news that Amazon is likely to enter the healthcare fray. Amazon won’t have many sizeable competitors in the marketplace, as many business owners and funders have swerved clear of the world of healthcare, as the field is swamped with regulations and rules set forth by the government.

Drew Madden is intimately familiar with healthcare, as he’s been involved with information technology in healthcare for nearly a decade. From 2010 to 2016 he took the consultancy group Nordic Consulting Partners to levels never before seen by its owners, bringing its revenue up from $1 to $130 million, from 10 to 725 employees, and drawing in 50 times as many clients.

Multi-Talented Ricardo TostoIn Matters of Litigation and Complex Laws

Ricardo Tosto is a famous and renowned litigator who has undisputed skills in the field of law. His achievements have been noted by most of his clients including international clients who have used his services to promote their businesses in solving cases that would cost the fortune. He was able to develop the mass model which became a vital weapon in fighting for the rights of many workers. The system continues to gain demand even up to date. Ricardo Tosto knowledge and skills have made him gain a good reputation for many firms and companies in business. He has been in the legal services and on the forefront to make sure that every business. Banking services have benefitted a lot from the force of litigation by promoting solid method in handling labor and fiscal action.

The field of infrastructure has also benefitted a lot from the skills of Ricardo Tosto where he provides corporate and M & A services. He participated in revolutionizing office for various firms to promote transparency and organization in the most efficient manner. Mass litigation promoted the many firms to adopt the virtues that were accepted by the employees and workers to promote innovation, skills development agility and efficient running of organizations and has proven to bear positive outcomes in many organizations which relate their success to the model of Ricardo Tosto. The model has been applied in handling complex cases over the past years and the only change needed is proper management where firms will need to understand the model and apply it most appropriately.

Ricardo Tosto developed the skills while he was still a young professional through dedication and hard work. He wanted to serve his clients satisfyingly so that they come back for his services and even recommend their friends and partners to his firm. He noted that it is not easy to find a reputable lawyer in Brazil who understands the complexities of the law and if you find one, they are very expensive and not worth what they demand. Ricardo Tosto acknowledges it as a gift to combine both high-level strategic vision excellent legal advice that conforms to the current laws in the judiciary. Clients noted that this is the best combination as he has transformed their organizational structure.

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Jason Hope Offers Support to SENS to Fight Aging Conditions in the US

When it comes to fighting aging conditions and philanthropy, Jason Hope understands what it takes to restore hope to different members of the society. As an active sponsor of SENS Foundation, Jason Hope has given over $500,000 to the foundation to help in their philanthropy works. SENS Foundation is known to carry out research and provide anti-aging treatment solutions to different members of the American community. They have broken grounds in fighting conditions such as Alzheimer, Diabetes, and Parkinson Disease. Mr. Hope has decided to finance SEN’s projects because he supports what they do, and has seen the organization reach impressive milestones in their anti-aging campaigns.

Jason’s efforts towards the foundation stretch beyond financial giving. He personally reaches out to members of the community who are suffering from aging conditions. He is adamant about employing biotechnology, especially rejuvenation science. According to Jason, normal body processes such as metabolism slowly damage the body making it predisposed to aging conditions. For this reason, it’s important for all stakeholders to develop scientific solutions to counter the degenerating effects. This is what SENS foundation is doing, and that is why he is supportive of the initiative.

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an American entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and futurist. He is highly identified with his contribution in the Internet of Things (IoT) where he provides insights on the roles of the internet in business. Jason was born in Arizona and attended Arizona State University for his Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees. He has a Degree in Finance and MBA from the local University. As a futurist, Jason is able to use the gift of understanding technology to make market predictions pertaining to the industry. His philanthropy effort has seen him help many. His efforts and funding at SENS Foundation have seen many Americans achieve treatment against Alzheimer, heart disease, and lung cancer.


As a philanthropist and futurist, Jason Hope has touched and changed many American lives. Today, SENS Foundation has gone through great milestones in their efforts of fighting aging conditions through the support of Jason and philanthropists alike. He continues to inspire many through the provision of information on IoT and anti-aging programs.

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The path followed by Dr. Clay Siegall

The success path of Clay Siegall, CEO of Seattle Genetics.Dr. Clay Siegall is the president and chairman of Seattle Genetics. He co-founded the company in 1998. The firm specializes in the advancement of specific therapy drugs for diseases that have recorded high mortality rates over the years. He managed to initiate varied therapy pipelines of antibody-based cancer including ADCETRIS that got approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration

Dr. Clay Siegall has maintained the company’s capital generating activities increasing over $675 million through private and public financing as well as the firm’s IPO in 2001. From 1991 to 1997, Dr. Siegall worked with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Research Institute. He served on the board of management of Alder Biopharmaceuticals. He is an author for 70 publications and holder of 15 patent rights. He acquired from Gorge Washington University and the University of Maryland a Ph.D. in genetics and a B.S in Zoology respectively.

Since the foundation of the firm, he has led it to the height of the most expected therapy industry. He developed the FDA –approved drug conjugate for antibodies as well as a considerable pipeline for over 20 drugs. He partners with other drug manufacturers including Genentech, Bayer, Pfizer and many more.

Dr. Siegall’s recent interview with Inspirery showed that he started the business due to his inspiration in the power of technology, business and reason to overcome disease and restore health. He became interested in cancer treatment during his Zoology study when he almost lost his family member during chemotherapy.

He makes money from the Seattle Genetics by selling the company’s particular and approved drugs. The company also earns revenues from technology licensing, production partnerships and other firms processed developments.

The business became profitable ten years after the IPO. The sales staff with marketing and biotech knowledge are essential in closing business deals. The uniqueness of Seattle Genetics products attracts more consumers over time.

Dr. Siegall’s marketing strategy to generates new businesses include meetings and negotiations as well as dining together hence promoting their brand to the target group of consumers. Hard work makes the company successful since people differ in work habits. Having passion and focus on working leads to all-around success.

Philanthropic Endeavours of George Soros


George Soros is a billionaire who started off living in Budapest under the Nazi communist rule. He later relocated to London then Wall Street in the United States where he worked hard to acquire his fortune. Through the struggles, Mr. Soros rose to managing his hedge fund. He is famously known for his humanitarian actions worldwide due to his interest in politics social concerns. Mr. Soros is the founding father of the open society foundation that he founded around thirty years ago, although, the first society establishment was in 1984. He obtained the name of the organization from a philosopher Karl Popper in the title of his book “open society and its enemy.” He advocated for free expression, democratic governance, and respect for individual rights.

Social Concerns

Mr. Soros had a considerable interest in social issues affecting people globally, and that is why he founded the open society foundation. The actions of the organization have led to the critical recognition of the association as the most impactful. Mr. Soros initially donated to the foundation funds ranging from $ 800 million to $ 900 million annually until recently when he gave the highest amount wealth transfer by any private donor to a single foundation. He donated a sum of $ 18 billion to the charity. The organization has developed with time and has become the second most significant philanthropic foundations in the United States following the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. The association sometimes due to the extensive work is done in over 120 countries in fulfilling its objectives spends a lot of funds $ 900 million annually on projects which is more than the limit allowed legally.

Some of the works of his foundation include the investments in the US supporting the protection of lesbians and gay individuals. He also helped the reduction of abuses by the law enforcement police officers. In 2014, he participated in the funding that entailed financially supporting treatment centers during the breakout of Ebola. After the 2016 elections in the United States, the foundation put enormous efforts in protection of people against “the national wave of hate incidents” as people called it. He donated $10 million to ensure the prevention of such violence. After which Mr. Soros lamented over the “dark forces” experienced in the states due to elections.


Mr. Soros is also a very significant contributor in the United States politics. He took part in supporting democratic governance by supporting Democratic Party politicians who shared his ideology. He is known to donate a significant amount of donations to Hillary Clinton. He has helped the citizens of the United States during politically unstable times by funding projects to stop violence caused by an election.

The CEO of National Philanthropic Trust Eileen Heisman recognized George Soros for his work alongside other people like Daren Walker who is the current president of Ford Foundation. The editor of The Chronicles of Philanthropy Stacy Palmer showed the certainty of the continued support from Mr. Soros now and in the future. and Follow him

The source material for the article was from NY Times.

Greg Secker; the Entrepreneur, Motivator, Philanthropist, and Businessman

More often than not, people have wanted a place to get the best business and entrepreneurship insights. The businessmen and businesses control the world’s economy.

One of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs happens to be Greg Secker. He was born in Feb 1975 in England. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences from the University of Nottingham (1997.)

Greg Secker has achieved so much in his life. He strives to empower the world through the people. His initiatives have helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. He has a string of companies under one umbrella called The Knowledge to Action Group.

The Greg Secker Foundation is a non-profit company. It is run solely to improve people’s lives across the globe. It empowers people for free. It makes Greg an incredible philanthropist.

He helps people by offering education, coaching, support and strategizing; all this through his numerous organizations.

Before elevation to his current opulence status, Greg worked for Thomas Cook Financial services.

From there, he ran a brand enterprise called Virtual Trading Desk. It was a Forex trading platform online, the very first of its kind. His hard work there made him be appointed the vice president of a prominent Financial Corporation called Mellon.

It is from here that he set up his Learn to Trade Company. He teaches about business during his motivational speeches; online, through seminars and workshops.

How do his companies compare with their competitors?

Greg’s companies are valued highly for their performance. They ride high among others and have won several awards for good performance.

For instance, his Knowledge to Action clinched position 49 among 100 UK’s fast-growing companies in 2010. The same group had received a price when it topped the finals from the London Excellence Awards of 2009.

Twice Greg won the best educator prize, 2012 and 2013. It again emerged the UK’s best forex trader training in 2015. Those are just some of the awards. There are more.

In Philanthropy, Greg clinched position 151 in 2017 by Richtopia. Moreover, the same year saw him scoop the CSR Awards as the best Individual Corporate Leader.

Many consider his companies as “caring.” Through the Greg Secker Foundation, he builds houses for people and supports their education. He coordinates with bodies like Ubuntu Education Fund to give educational aid to those who cannot afford better education.

Greg Secker advises you to visit the websites that empower you like SmartChart, read only the relevant books, seek guidance from people with technological know-how to succeed.

He preaches success and shares his ideas with many. Greg is a man to emulate. He is open to dialogue and inquiries through his email, social media accounts and the companies. With Greg, your financial freedom is at hand.